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Monday, March 25, 2013

"Gallon Smashing" does it cross a line...

Many people are weighing in on this argument and some compare it to being charged with what could  have happened.  I have to disagree, there is a line and "Gallon Smashing" Crosses it.

This piece by Fox News is about  so called Gallon Smashing ...

These young people should be charged for destruction of property, whether or not it's "just" their dumb ass that hits the floor or not.

Look around them, they should be charged with reckless behavior with the intent to do harm. I don't see them paying for it first, mopping it up and/or providing cones to warn others or warning others, it is vandalism adding work to the stores staff for clean up, and adding to their over head. 

Their behavior is reckless and should be punished to deter the behavior from them and other's, it is not a harmless prank or even remotely funny.

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