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Monday, April 20, 2015

Child Centered Reports - Be Wary

What to be aware of:

Therapist's like the one's described in this article are to be challenged head on.  Court's in NH and across the country are accepting reports that have no merit.  

Elise Bon-Rudin EdD  ***BEWARE***

Ms. Bon-Rudin has a habit of creating bias reports for courts and/or DCYF assessment's on child(ren), not only are they negligent; Therapist's like Ms. Bon Rudin simply lacked the education to make such a report in the first place. 

What courts, are neglecting to look at is the methodologically involved in the reports submitted.  Therapist's like Bon-Rudin who only have a degree in education, are not psychologists, nor are they forensic psychologists; as such, they  take their clients information at face value. Which means they do not look for the contributing factors nor do they validate the information they are receiving. Example a child may say they get great grades, but their report card may reflect something completely different.  This therapist only reports what she heard not what she confirmed. 

Evidence that exist's in parental alienation cases, stockholm syndrome and other cases that require establishing whether or not the child is accurately reporting the alleged event; are completely overlooked. 

Simply, the report by these limitedly trained individuals lacks "fact finding" different attitudes different goals, the conflicts of this is describe more here. Collateral sources such as teachers, employers, physicians, or other therapists involved and information obtained from records or other sources is not even thought of in these reports and/or is blatantly ignored.  

When one parent says they do not want you to check with another physician who is actually seeing the child and other parent; that should be a red flag to step away from the case under simple ethics, yet Bon-Rudin has no ethics.  

Teacher's like William P. McIntosh at Pennichuck and Lori Ayotte Wilson McIntosh, Nashua North H.S.  know how to use DCYF and therapist's to their advantage.  A huge number of cases with DCYF show they have been involved in their students cases more than the average teacher. Red Flag? No. But it should be for the couple whose marital affair was reported by children at Fairgrounds in 2000 and resulted in the Nashua School Board keeping it under-raps and simply splitting them into two different schools.  Moral Issue, both were married to other people at the time the middle school aged children reported their behavior. 

To compound the problems surrounding custody is the fact that Judges are not continuous on the same case and refuse to educated themselves on the case before them; and more often then not they simply do not even read the motions in front of them. How to deal with this nationwide issue is better described by this attorney

Example of Issue's that develop & the truth of the attorney report: In this case the father handed in a Bon-Rubin report, red flag he did so - a year and half after it was done.  

Yet when pointed out to the court, Judge Introcasco accepted it without giving the mother an opportunity to cross exam the writer.

When it was shown that Bon-Rudin did not do the research to come to the conclusions she wrote, Judge Introcasco simply said she doesn't accept exhibits with motions. Yet upon accepting the case for a hearing she did not write with the exception of prayer A to accept the exhibits in support of the motion.    

Tip: Anytime a response motion comes in with the name of a reporter without a report - subpoena the writer and be prepared to show the following: 

Ross vs. Gadwah get the doctors notes they often do not match the report as shown in cases with the above and below players.  

Dr. Vonderheide 

Look at the Doctors background Bon-Rubin has a degree with no training from Harvard and in fact a degree that is questionable and one which Harvard stopped granting in 2013 

Vonderheide's conflict of interest lies in the fact that she is on the mental health board and has proven to be immune to judgments against her in at least 5 cases known to this writer. Check out how their own children act or talk in pubic. Do they want to grow up to be like them or someone else?

Often the only way to get these self-absorbed therapist's removed from your child's care is to start a civil case against them.Win or lose they still have to pay for an attorney and remove themselves from your child's care and sometimes it's just enough to have the piece of mind when you know they are ignoring your child's best interests. 

Trying to get a Judge or Marital Master off your case? Hell, file a civil suit you probably won't win. But,

It's worth the couple hundred to simply get rid of them if they won't recuse themselves and the administrator of Court's or Review Board won't do anything about them.  

If enough of us continue to show we're fed up with the NH and in fact United States Family Court Legal System; soon they will simply have to replace their friends. 

The Report itself what to be aware of ...