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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Legislators & One County Attorney Validate Complaints by Citizens in NH

Redress of Grievance Committee: Most complaints valid

The above article try's to convey that the Redress Committee is a waste of tax-payers dollars; really? Consider that these Representative make  a $100-$200 a year and put in time like this: "The Panel held hours-long hearings during the legislative session on the complaints - most involving the family court system. Committee members determined that 20 of the 27 complaints  were legitimate and pronounced seven unfounded."  

The Family & Court System in general and DCYF are out of control and out of touch.  Starting with the NH Family Court; parents are getting stuck with outrageous bills for Guadian Ad litem (GAL), even when the law states:

A GAL/Attorney in good standing with the NH Bar/GAL boards should be aware of the rules, laws and Admin. order of Judge Edwin Kelley (2005-03) clearly defining “the maximum fee (including costs) as not exceeding $1,000.00 for any case.  This is further ordered by the Courts with their standard appointment of said GAL, approximately 85% of litigants are pro se and finding the corresponding Administrative Orders to protect their rights is almost impossible since they do not link up with any of the laws. Moreover, this administrative order shows the fee for a GAL is suppose to be $60.00 per hour, yet many family's have been paying more. 

This order further states: “No GAL may be appointed  in any new or reopened marital matter in which one parent is indigent and the other is able to pay for the services of the GAL due to legislation that eliminated funding for GALs,” yet this happens all the time and indigent parents face bankruptcy because of it and/or lose their children, because of unwarranted harsh criticism by GAL's that can be paid up front and not because they are a bad parent.

Consequently, the Office of Cost Containment in NH RSA 461-A: 18, is no longer providing funds for GAL cases; confirmed by phone at 603-271-1416 on 7/5/12; contradicting NH RSA 461-A:17 Guardians Ad Litem and Mediators; Liability for Expenses. "The judicial council shall have no responsibility for the payment of the costs of a mediator or guardian ad litem for any party under this chapter." Thus, creating confusion and hardship for an indigent pro se litigant;

Florida recognized that  “It is difficult to grasp how it is in the best interest of the child to deplete the resources of the family” Higgenbotham v. Higgenbotham 857 So. 2nd 341,342 (Fla. App.2003); New Hampshire claims to have realized it, yet only on paper by legislators not in practice by the Judicial Branch. 

With DCYF the Department of Children Youth and Families - Social Workers are routinely conducting improper investigations, failing to obtain even doctors reports to support their disclosures and acting on hearsay because NH RSA 169:C states thats ok.   Judge Bamberger and Judge Leary sit on the mental health, criminal, and DCYF cases all which often present a conflict of interest when the defendants are in one court or another and the DCYF hearing is behind closed doors. Furthermore, they threaten people not to talk about their cases to legislators or anyone else, in fact denying them of their 1st amendment right to free speech whether or not it's in court records.  FYI, not one person that came before the Redress was arrested. 

Parents are not being informed of their rights at first contact by DCYF, initially because it was just a protocol, now apparently, because it is actually part of the law. They consistently refuse to give parents paperwork contact logs, 3rd party information etc in their case, it's a simple thing when requested by a parent, it's called due process and now they they DENY them a Lawyer, the only State to do so, and the Family is at risk of losing custody of their child.  A fate most would consider worst than death, and it's all done on hearsay evidence NH RSA 169-C:12 .  Furthermore this department failed both Federal And State Audits consistently for the last 2 rounds over 20 years. And Family's in NH experience the torture depicted in this video:

Family's in NH and across the United States are facing challenges that no one in America should face and at least these legislators, getting paid a mere $100 -$200 a year, are attempting to correct it, they do not get paid extra to sit on committees. The Judicial System, NH Bar Association and Attorney General's Office do not hold these Attorney's and/or Judges accountable; look at what Robert Walsh former county attorney got away with letting the attacker of 2 EMT's badly injured go. with no accountability for not involving the EMT victims in his plea bargain, even when their injuries amounted to a few Felony's. Yet Robert Walsh, simply let this attacker go to a mental health court, and her father who was at the scene merely stood back and let his daughter attack these EMT's, he also appears to have called in a false 911 call because he was afraid to drive her to the hospital, why should this concern us? Because the Father is a well known doctor/ psychologist  who you should click on to find out who it is and stay away from, he also one who the courts call on to access the mental capacity of individuals before the court; why should we or the Courts believe him when he lies about his own daughter, in fact telling the EMT's she wasn't on meds and/or the real reason for his 911 call. Ann Rice at the Attorney Generals office supposedly conducted an investigation and simply scolded Attorney Walsh;  a strongly worded letter at the conclusion of her investigation way to go Rice, it you click on that last piece it's because he apologized in the paper, but never to the victims, nor did he or anyone else help from the State help with their mounting medical bills or 40% reduction in pay because they are still out of work, and no one from the town of Amherst, NH so much as sent them a card.  Furthermore,  the EMT's were rebuffed by Judge Cocker and then denied 
a restraining order see 
The two EMT's in this video   who were  denied their rights and their attacker was allowed to walk free until County Attorney Hogan stepped in and had his office reopen the case. 

Fairy Tale Access airing 10/5/12 for the full story, and then Speak Up the week after for the very gruesome details.  These are women in our community who provide a service for their community when YOU need them.  Yet they are still now out of work receiving 60% of their pay, for an incident that happened in May of 2010 and dealing with a corrupt Workman's comp policy that is not covering all of their injuries and who are not receiving victims assistance to get them back to where they were.  Really, that's justice? 

If Lafrance was willing to put her neck out as describe in a recent article in the Nashua Patch, for anything including protecting victims of crimes, ethically as assistant county attorney to Robert Walsh, she failed. 

The Federal Government and states like Wisconsin are actually allowing and/or using funding to help reunite families. Yet, NH goes out of its way to destroy them, with Judges who divorce and marry each others wives  2-3 times and/or have children with other women and fail to tell their current families, and then wonder why their children are upset with them when they do find out. These are the people deciding whats right in other family's matters... and who are also denying victims of crimes their rights and it goes right up to the Supreme Ct.. The Criminal in NH has more rights than you, if your not a criminal. Kentucky is investigating DCYF as seen in this video   adoption for $$$

Vote for the people trying to protect your rights, people like Dennis Hogan the new County prosecutor whom we voted for over Walsh.  Also consider that LaFrance, worked under Walsh as his assistant and did nothing for these victims and several others. Vote for O'Brien and others like Kevin Avard on the redress of grievance panel who went out of their way to listen to complaints and who are trying to enforce accountability. The next time a family or someone else is injured in anyway due to the Judicial System and/or NH Bar Association's failure to hold Attorney's and Judges accountable to the public they are suppose to serve, it could be just someone else you don't know or it could be YOU

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The who, what, where on Rainbow Girls coming to...

DMVC Productions is the proud Sponsor/ Director/Producer of the following Public Service Announcement for the Nashua, NH Rainbow Girls, it is a preview to their upcoming interview with Fairy Tale Access and several members of this exceptional organization, check it out and get more details here, it may be just what you or a girl you know, between the ages of 11 and 20 were looking for:

Saturday, September 15, 2012

"The Witness List" - N.H.

Have you been subjected to any of the following by the New Hampshire Department of Children, Youth and Families? If so, this is that moment when you can make a difference.

Albert Einstein once said "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction."
DCYF and the Courts in NH are making things bigger and more complex, would you like the opportunity to be heard? Even if only to hold this system accountable, check the list below.  If even one of these relates to you, I would like to offer you the opportunity to testify in a case against them during the week of January 06, 2014, at Hillsborough County Superior Court North.

As a Parent you were denied access to records in your case;

The Investigation in your case was incomplete, inaccurate and/or non existent;

Your child was taken because of a one time alleged conversation without collaboration and/or without documentation to back it up;

Your child was taken from you, even for a moment, because they thought you would harm the child in the future;

Someone lied in your case and it hurt you and you have documentation to support it:

 *such as a social worker - Tracy Gubbins, Kris Geno, Tracy Roukey, and/or Margaret
   Bishop or with any other social worker (once named two or more times they will be
   listed here). To show this is their normal course of business not a mistake...
 *such as a therapist - Dr. Vonderheide, Dr. Lynch or someone else DCYF referred or
   that another party hired, whose records do not support what they disclosed to DCYF
   or that DCYF refused to release a copy of their records to you.
 *A school teacher a McIntosh or someone else manipulated facts in your case.

Intentionally Inflicted Emotional Distress to you and/or family members;

Social Workers lied and or forced you into signing something for services you did not know you would have to repay the state for, because they did not advise you of your rights;

While DCYF was investigating a matter with your family, they did not give you
consistent uninterrupted visits with your child;

DCYF disrupted visits between you and your child;

You were treated inappropriately at a facility they made you go to;

The investigating social worker never gave you your rights at first contact;

Social Workers deprived you of a right "while acting or purporting to act in the performance of their official duties";

You were denied the ability to present witnesses in your favor;

You were denied an educated attorney familiar with these types of cases and/or you were denied the right to have someone in court with you;

You a child who was in foster care that later found out DCYF lied to you about why you were taken from your family;

You were denied evidence that a fact finder used to determine the fate of your child;

An undereducated CASA worker made adverse findings in your case;

The court order you to pay for a GAL you could not afford after 2005;

If you would like to make a difference and put an end to the blatant disregard for human dignity, families and American rights shown by the above department and/or the NH Judicial Court System and Family Courts, sign up to be on the witness list in this court case or upcoming legislation to hold them accountable:

NH 226-2011-CV-967, Denise-Marie McIntosh v. The State of NH et al. (and others) by contacting Denise-Marie McIntosh at and provide your case number and a description about how the current system hurt you and/or your family.

We can fix problems. if we stand together and we can ensure that what happened to our children never happens again.

Volunteer to be a witness and/or allow me, Denise-Marie, to advocate on your behalf and take your story to Concord, NH when legislation comes up next session - to show why these government departments and courts need to be accountable to us "we the people".

With your support and/or engagment, we can push for change and open the courts so that the Judicial system and DCYF can not hide the states embarrassing track record of failing over 66% of the population they are supposed to serve. It's been going on for over 30 years and it needs to stop.

When people like Sylvia Gayle are running for office after being a supervisor in the department of Children, Youth and Families and who purposefully took away a foster mother's only child, recommending the father have custody and then letting her continue to be a foster parent to the state children in her care, and then called her two weeks later to take in another child "J.L." You have to question their morals and what is wrong with system.

What you can do, besides not vote for such a heinous corrupt individual - you recognized Robert Walsh and before him John Stephens for what they were and New Hampshire you sent them packing.  We'll do it to Sylvia Gayle as well, but it's not enough because we need to stand together if for no other reason then to tell a jury and the legislators what these people do to families and that we have had enough!

Bit more importantly, together, we will let them know their lack lustrous efforts are no longer acceptable and it stops now, because we do have a right raise our children and to free speech, whether or not it's contained in their court documents and we are going to exercise it!  Children need to know we did everything to get them home and keep others safe.

To be a witness in front of a jury, you have to be there during the week of January 6, 2014 and be on the list now; for legislative work you can just send an email that you're allowing me, Denise-Marie (McIntosh) to advocate for your rights in front of the legislators because you have to work, but you want a say in providing details of why things need to change in NH DCYF and the Family Court System, because it is a system that does not offer you an easy appeal to the supreme court, because there are no middle tiers in NH.

contact Denise-Marie - confidentially at; it is a step towards the justice you/we and hopefully the justice that no one else will ever be wrongfully denied again. 

Speak Up on Lawless America

Dot recently told her story to Lawless America

Interview can be seen here:

The only way to make a difference and change problems is to let people know there is one.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Autism Awareness

DMVC 2nd release in Fairy Tale Access Series - Autism Awareness

Stephen Covey once said "Every human has four endowments - self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination.  These give us the ultimate human freedom... The power to choose, to respond, to change."  

See the whole story at:

And meet Giovanna a true hero on a quest!

Friday, September 7, 2012

DMVC Productions announces the 1st release of Fairy Tale Access

New TV Series Announcement


DMVC Productions director, Denise-Marie McIntosh, Head Fairy and Independent Research Paralegal shares her quest for unraveling fairy tales in actual time, rather than once upon a time, hosting a new series Fairy Tale Access 1st release found here: interview with Shriners Hospital for Children, a patient and Captain Hook discovering Shriners ... "Love to the Rescue".

Over ten episodes are currently in the works, and as of 8/25/12 four have been pre-recorded. Fairy Tale Access will show viewers that Fairy Tales do exist in Actual time, rather than once upon a time.

From the classic character introduction to real life fairy tales in the making, these shows will inspire even the most cynical non-believer into believing in … Fairy Tales. Fairy Tale Access will search beyond the standards of absolute and universal application; we will weigh in and re-think the possibilities regarding the nature of Fairy Tales.

Each episode is a quest, access requires participation, and participation requires observing, reading and asking questions. The possibilities? They are endless … packed full of informative information for viewers, as the expert researcher and Head Fairy, Denise-Marie creates new measurements and perceptions that viewers can relate to, and resources that they or someone one they know can use in their own lives, as well as revealing the inspiration and contributors behind the Nashua, NH Fairy Tale Festival, sharing her passion for creating entertaining and thought provoking venues, asking questions and seeking the possibilities.

Denise-Marie said: “I was very excited when I was approached by Access Nashua to create shows that extend past the Nashua, NH Fairy Tale Festival. It will be a great opportunity to share with the Access Nashua viewers what I love about fairy tales, research, literacy and seeking out the possibilities - taking inspiration from real life experiences, and creating interactive, informative and appealing programs. Each program is very different in its own way and there are lots of ideas that I hope will inspire everyone.”

The series will begin weekly during the week of September 2, 2012. The first four in the series will introduce you a variety of connections. The first set of connections occurs between Captain Hook, Shriners Hospitals for children and a vivacious 7 year-old girl and her parents. The second in the series will introduce you to connections between a mermaid, a young woman, a school teacher and Autism Awareness. The discoveries on the Head Fairy’s quest, promise to astound you, but only if you to tune in to "access" the possibilities.

Fairy Tale Access is a DMVC Production for Access Nashua. The Executive Producer is Denise-Marie Cutter McIntosh aka The Head Fairy. It was commissioned by Access Nashua Director Dick Gagnon.
If you have a story you would like to share contact Denise-Marie at

Monday, September 3, 2012

Worksmens Comp

Assisting Unrepresented Injured Employees
Last revised 1993

There is hereby created within the department of labor the classified full-time position of dispute resolution coordinator. The coordinator shall assist unrepresented injured employees in understanding, asserting, and protecting their rights under this chapter. The coordinator shall meet with or otherwise exchange information with injured employees, investigate injured employees’ claims or potential claims, and communicate with employers, insurance carriers, group funded self-insurers, and health care providers on behalf of injured employees, with the objective of resolving claims or potential claims promptly and amicably. However, assistance provided under this section shall not include representing claimants in hearings.


1993, 357:2. 1994, 3:13, eff. Feb. 8, 1994. This link to the Department of Labor
does not show that the above law exists to help the employee and in fact shows the commissioner is not filling this position because the NH RSA shown here shows the law is still in existance and reports from inidviduals show that they are not filling the position; in fact denying NH residents of their rights.