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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

TX - Charges - Grand Jury - CPS, Facing Felony's

I'm a great believer in karma, and the vengeance that it serves up to those who are deliberately mean is generally 
enough for me.
Beth Ditto 

CPS worker's arrested Greenville, TX all charged with 3rd degree Felonies in TX for:

Ard. 60 of Rockwall -1 count of tampering with evidence

Natalie Ausbie-Reynolds 33 of Fate - 3 counts of official                                                      oppression & 1 count of tampering with 

Rebekah Lynn Ross 34 of Greenville on 4 counts of official oppression and 1 count of tampering with evidence, more here.

Looking forward to helping to put away some in New Hampshire. 

I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it's for or against.
Malcolm X 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Justice = Jail Time for Social Workers

"Lawless are they 
that make their wills their law."
William Shakespeare 

The Other side of the Pond

9/14/2013 Two social workers in this Edinburg, England matter
allegedly defied a court order that granted a mother 
greater access to her two children.  A sheriff granted the
Mother's appeal in her favor and the social workers 
could face jail time. Read more here: 

The American Side of that Pond 

4/2008 FL Social Worker, Lee Graves and Angela Christine Edgerton were arrested for falsifying documents in Child Investigations stating in some they had done follow-up visits and had not more here: 

2/28/2011 Sacramento, CA Social Worker, Julie Mee Voo, fraudulent billing practices against the aged, blind and disabled sentenced to 5 years more here:  

A Kalamazoo, MI Social Worker was sentenced in 3/2011 for fraudulent billing practices and health care fraud from 2002-2007 read more here

Started before 7/2012 in Frankfort, KY. - their Attorney General Jack Conway says former social worker, Margaret Murphy has been sentenced to five years in prison for falsifying reports on child abuse and neglect, some of which included allegations of sexual abuse More here:

9/9/12 MN Social Worker, Todd Michael Anderson sentenced for criminal sexual conduct, towards two young men he counseled more here: 

5/2013 Martha Coakley MA AG - got her Social Worker David Benson for Medicaid Fraud more here: 

8/21/13 Galvaston, TX Social Worker, Sylvia Ann Villarreal, gets 10 years for theft from clients she was suppose to helping more here:

9/11/13 NJ Social Worker, Anthony Williams accused of engaging in sex acts with a male student on a visit to his home more here:  

We could go on and on about Social Workers and the fraud they commit and arrests as it directly relates to money ; but what it really shows that government intervention only exists where the money is not enough is being done about those like Williams, Anderson, Graves and Edgarton, try looking at how much that costs...beyond the human suffering to those directly affected, it cost tax-payers more than the amounts regained in the other cases and depreciates society as a whole.   


Enough is Enough, Attorney Generals should all be going after more than the money they lose like some of the above the harm these social workers do should be prision time to deter others from their malicious attacks against children and families.

Reports of similar incidents in NH are covered up by a failed reporting system the Governors office referrals you back to DCYF not the attorney generals office, an office that refuses to take action against its public workers because it claims "they are there to protect them". Prosecutors across the State are not consistent in picking up these cases when it is against government workers. 

Attorney Generals in NH and all States YOU are suppose to protect and represent the Public, STOP the abuse promoted by people likeMargaret Bishop, NH CPS Director  
               Bishop's Public FaceBook picture
a woman who clearly promotes lawless behavior acted out by her social workers in the State of New Hampshire and misrepresents those findings to legislators.  

Moreover, evidence has shown the if her office is audited it will show fraudulent billing practices.  When shown to State Legislators some thought it would be too expensive to have checked by outside auditors, "it couldn't be that bad" Really? You won't know until it's audited and with failures across the board in Federal and State Audits of how they simply conduct themselves every day, is a strong indicator that there is a need to investigate further and take more action.  

"Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both."
Eleanor Roosevelt