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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Unconquerable? which side...

Invictus - you may remember the lines by Henley; but how do children grow up to be unconquerable souls?

They grow up believing that the best is yet to come. But only when nourished with love and happy thoughts, as they go through life's ups and downs with the support of parents, family and friends they become their unconquerable selves.

Yet, what does it mean for the child separated from a fit parent. In these cases, their mothers with varying backgrounds were denied their rights; it also means that no matter the wealth bestowed upon these children - they suffer because the night doesn't just cover them, it engulfs them in feelings of despair. Unable to form their own opinions because they don't know what that is anymore.  And they appeal to whatever gods should sooth their brow... and end up believing that he does not exist because a benevolent God would never take a parent or allow another parent to so heinously disregard the other's existence by not even allowing a young child to call and be with his mother, to hear her voice on holidays or even talk about her in his father's home, in fact, denying that half of him exists.

Suffering is inflicted upon them by a court system that turns a blind eye to the horrors of child protection workers, who appeased and indeed fueled the hate of his father, W. M. and step-mother Lo.M.  toward the mother/child relationship and ignored the facts.  

What it means is that ...

A Mother's unconquerable soul can't do enough and will never give up or close the door to save her child.

The fell clutch of circumstance, is that a child becoming a young adult has been manipulated through severe methods of programming by his father,  and his step-mother both special ed teachers; both of whom commenced their affair at Fairgrounds Middle School.  The Nashua School Board thought it was best to merely separate the two married teachers having an affair; leaving L. W. at Fair Grounds and moving W.M. aka B.M. to the failed phoenix program before shuffling him into Pennichuck Middle School due to pressure from the teacher's union.

Pennichuck Middle School is where he/W. M. hovered over his sons access to talk about his life. When fairgrounds did not want Lori Ayotte (yes related to the senator ), Wilson (1st marriage), McIntosh (2nd marriage) they sent her to Nashua High School where she is impeding upon her step-son's ability to have a normal high school life by interfering in his study's and signing documents as his "real" mother without sensor or discipline from the Nashua School District Superintendent's Office.   A child who tried to cry aloud and winced from being treated with corporal punishment for asking and or talking about his mother by a father who testified in court that there was no reason to talk about her in his house. Judge Kinghorn, a failed father himself, asked but did not order him to act appropriately, so he believes he doesn't have to. William (Bill) McIntosh has a multimillion dollar Mom, Anne McIntosh, whose father owned worcester chemical - a woman who continues to just buy her son's way through the court systems as she has done his entire life, for countless acts against others, including breaking a man's nose in a bar fight in Amherst/Northampton, MA. and fleeing from the scene over 20 years ago... 

Through the bludgeoning of chance, Lori Ayotte - Wilson -McIntosh is the cruel - on edge step mother who constantly tells this child that when his father dies he can live with her (not if), yet her own sons had to leave home at 18.

The horror of the shade is that in A Nashua, NH School system, a State Senator & a School Board promoted brushing corrupt teachers into other schools, never looking at the long road ahead of the for the children involved.  Nor did they ever offer services for the children in Fairgrounds Middle School who witnessed these two married teachers' affair.  Why would they? This is a school system that promotes segregation in their schools between children who are handicapped and those who are not.  Obviously they haven't seen Glee or moved into this century.  In 1979, the wanted to dumb down woman as shown in this case Salvail v. Nashua Board of Education, 469 F. Supp. 1269 (D. N.H. 1979): 

A step mother who used her red neck girlfriends in the form of Colleen Hood and Kris Geno; not to mention Alice Love who in the name of "William's/Bills" separated a fit mother from her child.  A mother whose heart may be broken over her son's plight and certainly beyond the wrath of tears - but her head is not bowed nor is she afraid  because like Henley, it does matter the gates that have to pried open and exposed because I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul'.

Nelson Mandela once said: "It always seems impossible until it's done."  

Their mistake, was to underestimate the unrelenting power of a real mother's love and that Karma does ensure that what comes around goes around. 

Our hope is that in 2014, the world treats it's children better and that those who seek to judge, do so with an abundance of reality and not in haste hinged on social workers, who lose children, hurt children, and do not listen to them. Simply because they don't care - they are paycheck people. People who have more problems in their own families than those they claim to seek to help.  Just look into the mishandlings of Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  Their own internal audits and having others take the fall? REALLY, this is where the Federal Government needs to check and hold those from the top down accountable. . .   

Roche, Olga (DCF)    DCF Commissioner Olga I. Roch - Mass     

                          DCYF Director Margaret 'Maggie' Bishop 

Just some of the people orchestrating injustice towards children and families by ignoring their needs as a means to satisfying their own need to shroud their indiscretions in secrecy.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Child Soldiers

“Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” ― John F. Kennedy 

On this 50th anniversary of President Kennedy's death one thing that can be brought forward to our children is that in order to make an opinion; one must Think, Ask Questions, Consider the facts, and then form their opinions with deliberation, without sensor or fear and be thankful that they live in a country and time striving to allow them to do just that.

Yet this Generation, just as Each Generation before is plague by hate.  Child Soldiers,in America are grown by parents as shown here; while child soldiers in africa and other parts of the world are stolen by strangers. All are wrongly deprived of their childhood.   

The comparison is not as harsh as one may think because around the world a child wrongly separated from a loving parent is a crime against all of humanity... 

“What is objectionable, what is dangerous about extremists is not that they are extreme, but that they are intolerant. The evil is not what they say about their cause, but what they say about their opponents.” 

Monday, October 7, 2013

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Also if you put in a search of just the address other's are also aware of the scam beware do not give out your information.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Government & Customer Loyalty = '0'

This is a story about how:
"Power does not corrupt men; fools, however, if they get into a position of power, corrupt power."
George Bernard Shaw 
The American Government is in shut down; what can we hope comes of it? 
Everyday we work to constantly improve the customer's experience and our positions. For me,  it's a challenge I take pleasure in achieving. If I am loyal and dedicated, the results show through my employees and volunteers because I care about what matters most to them and it creates a loyalty effect.  
All to often, when I am working with any government department from a city worker, to a worker in the court system the constant problem - is they feel they have a power without responsibility, without authority and/or over sight. In my jobs, whether or not I have control over the levers to make the changes I know are necessary; I am the one in charge and blamed by the public for any poor performance despite the fact that I made the recommended changes and the Government employees failed to implement them. Hence always have a backup plan for their anticipate failings.
The problem between them (government workers) and most of us, is that there has been no point in complaining; because there is no reason for them to take pride in what they do. With Unions who simply transfer them around, to individuals who simply do not want to work; they feel they “deal” with the public and that in and of itself, means do as little as possible, because well we just might expect it all the time. 
The Priority on exactly what government offices are closing is disturbing when there are so many other's that could be closed; like every single congressman's office in DC & their home states and small government there.  
For instance recently, I paid a parking ticket in Nashua, NH and the guy at the desk could not even crack a smile and took an inordinate amount of time to simply accept cash for the $10.00 parking ticket and produce a receipt; when he finally did I said Thank you, without the courtesy of a reply.  He could barely maintain eye contact and just went back to who knows what, there was a computer and nothing else on his desk. Yup, it’s like hey your welcome, I paid the ticket the same day I got it.  Why do a lot of people avoid paying their tickets? They forget about them; because they do not want to deal with government employees. But we are their customers.
Customer retention is about motivating people, being efficient and actually being friendly.  A great manager practices political principles and recognizing their people’s achievements in meaningful ways. So where are those principles with our government? 
Whether it’s a single worker/volunteer and/or an organization volunteering or working on a project with me; I have found that when working with over 260 volunteers and/or even 1 or over 130 employees, that simple clear cut instructions and expectations with public recognition gets results.  Then when someone fails you simply let them go; not shuffle them off to be someone else’s problem.
People want a great product or service and when you give it to them, with a showing of appreciation and getting feedback from your own staff of workers and/or volunteers and take feedback from the public - publicly recognize those contributions and make adjustments, everyone wins. 
Hint, Republicans & Democrats alike can help Obama Care be better than it is, this hold is not helping anyone except if you want to look like an arse in front of the entire world.  
By focusing on the people who want to work with you and give you "constructive feedback", follow the rules, stick with a plan - they are the hero’s and the reason for combined success. Persistence Consistency, resolve, determination applied with kindness and delivery of what was promised wins…customer satisfaction rises as does credibility and your bottom line.   
If just a mom, can create a community event with a 27.27% increase following it, in 2 years double participation and almost triple the size maintained it for 4 years as a volunteer without pay; why can't the government who is actually getting paid - even when they are responsible for the shut downs?
Congress doesn't see it that way, as with Union employees they feel entitled and get paid when they are disrupting so many others lives.

Accountability would save us a lot of money and who is deciding that these government agency's lose first?  The moral, maybe the government employees losing their pay will come back with a better purpose, be polite and maybe they will push those above them to be better... what we can count is ...
"Governments that block the aspirations of their people, that steal or are corrupt, that oppress and torture or that deny freedom of expression and human rights should bear in mind that they will find it increasingly hard to escape the judgement of their own people, or where warranted, the reach of international law."

William Hague 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

TX - Charges - Grand Jury - CPS, Facing Felony's

I'm a great believer in karma, and the vengeance that it serves up to those who are deliberately mean is generally 
enough for me.
Beth Ditto 

CPS worker's arrested Greenville, TX all charged with 3rd degree Felonies in TX for:

Ard. 60 of Rockwall -1 count of tampering with evidence

Natalie Ausbie-Reynolds 33 of Fate - 3 counts of official                                                      oppression & 1 count of tampering with 

Rebekah Lynn Ross 34 of Greenville on 4 counts of official oppression and 1 count of tampering with evidence, more here.

Looking forward to helping to put away some in New Hampshire. 

I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it's for or against.
Malcolm X 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Justice = Jail Time for Social Workers

"Lawless are they 
that make their wills their law."
William Shakespeare 

The Other side of the Pond

9/14/2013 Two social workers in this Edinburg, England matter
allegedly defied a court order that granted a mother 
greater access to her two children.  A sheriff granted the
Mother's appeal in her favor and the social workers 
could face jail time. Read more here: 

The American Side of that Pond 

4/2008 FL Social Worker, Lee Graves and Angela Christine Edgerton were arrested for falsifying documents in Child Investigations stating in some they had done follow-up visits and had not more here: 

2/28/2011 Sacramento, CA Social Worker, Julie Mee Voo, fraudulent billing practices against the aged, blind and disabled sentenced to 5 years more here:  

A Kalamazoo, MI Social Worker was sentenced in 3/2011 for fraudulent billing practices and health care fraud from 2002-2007 read more here

Started before 7/2012 in Frankfort, KY. - their Attorney General Jack Conway says former social worker, Margaret Murphy has been sentenced to five years in prison for falsifying reports on child abuse and neglect, some of which included allegations of sexual abuse More here:

9/9/12 MN Social Worker, Todd Michael Anderson sentenced for criminal sexual conduct, towards two young men he counseled more here: 

5/2013 Martha Coakley MA AG - got her Social Worker David Benson for Medicaid Fraud more here: 

8/21/13 Galvaston, TX Social Worker, Sylvia Ann Villarreal, gets 10 years for theft from clients she was suppose to helping more here:

9/11/13 NJ Social Worker, Anthony Williams accused of engaging in sex acts with a male student on a visit to his home more here:  

We could go on and on about Social Workers and the fraud they commit and arrests as it directly relates to money ; but what it really shows that government intervention only exists where the money is not enough is being done about those like Williams, Anderson, Graves and Edgarton, try looking at how much that costs...beyond the human suffering to those directly affected, it cost tax-payers more than the amounts regained in the other cases and depreciates society as a whole.   


Enough is Enough, Attorney Generals should all be going after more than the money they lose like some of the above the harm these social workers do should be prision time to deter others from their malicious attacks against children and families.

Reports of similar incidents in NH are covered up by a failed reporting system the Governors office referrals you back to DCYF not the attorney generals office, an office that refuses to take action against its public workers because it claims "they are there to protect them". Prosecutors across the State are not consistent in picking up these cases when it is against government workers. 

Attorney Generals in NH and all States YOU are suppose to protect and represent the Public, STOP the abuse promoted by people likeMargaret Bishop, NH CPS Director  
               Bishop's Public FaceBook picture
a woman who clearly promotes lawless behavior acted out by her social workers in the State of New Hampshire and misrepresents those findings to legislators.  

Moreover, evidence has shown the if her office is audited it will show fraudulent billing practices.  When shown to State Legislators some thought it would be too expensive to have checked by outside auditors, "it couldn't be that bad" Really? You won't know until it's audited and with failures across the board in Federal and State Audits of how they simply conduct themselves every day, is a strong indicator that there is a need to investigate further and take more action.  

"Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both."
Eleanor Roosevelt 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Privacy aka Use to Exist

This article on how to protect yourself on-line is necessary "Password's Aren't Enough" it has great information on avoiding the Amazon Apple pitfalls...

This is America what would our great-grand parents or even our grandparents say about encrypting our email and phone conversations ??? Well here's the how to protect your privacy...

And this is what's going on with the National Security Company and you might be surprised whose on the list affecting you ... company's like verizon, at & t etc etc... 

News on Skype ... 

Monday, August 19, 2013

NH Gov. Slippery Slope updated

"A fraudulent intent, however carefully concealed at the outset, will generally, in the end, betray itself." Livy

NH RSA 329-B -3  - Mental Health Board...

This board now includes the  HEINOUS AND LETHAL


NOMINATED BY - Maggie Hassan, Governor of NH (d) on  7/10/13  without public notice because...

(coincidentally the same day the Supreme Court denied a Plaintiff's appeal against Vonderheide; on appeal to a higher court.)

The Executive Council & Governor CONFIRMED HER on 7/24/13 

Now how to get her out, complain to legislators and let them know that the Executive Council and Governor are not giving adequate public notice on the agenda at meetings, apparently in a sole effort to exclude the public's participation...

The Secretary of State Site Runs the Website and when "Kuzma" (?) a girl whose name was hard to hear called me back from the Governors office, 603-271-2121; she became very defensive when she was asked about the due diligence she performed in her record check, she said you mean like google? No, more like her standing in the mental health community. She said had she had someone recommend her (David Gottesman, Nashua (D))  (the operative word being  "one" recommendation and no public right to recommend or voice their opinion against her.) She further stated that she had called the Mental Health Board, who reported to her that there was not one founded complaint against her.  But did you actually go down and look to see how many complaints were filed? I was like really when you go there you actually find out how many are listed, and someone from our team found a several; in fact, having assisted in writing several, that would appear to be another slippery slope by the mental health board, choosing it's words carefully and not disclosing the truth.    She also stated that there's nothing we can do about it now.  This is the form nominee's file out curiously you must be a democratic it's pre-checked as forwarded to me by Jennifer Kuzma of Governor Hassan's office. 

Mental Health in this state has little to NO LAWS governing them so no use bothering to complain to the Ministry of Mag. I mean the NH Executive Council about poor mental health professionals because Voldemort er I mean Vonderheide is in until 7/1/15.  We will be watching to make sure she is not re-appointed ... and looking for a way to get her out asap - this woman alone has had numerous complaints filed against her, not including my civil suit, at least two medical billing complaints, 1 business who dropped her from their employee assistance program for fraud, and 4 other mothers who complained they heard more about her life and their kids were not able to speak out about why they were there.  Moreover, with all of these complaints not one was acted upon by the mental health board, yet - but it's coming. Seriously if people go to those lengths to complain; the problem would be with ... really you decide, no one goes to that much trouble to file a written complaint.

Now Hassans involved in challenging the legislators to review the ethics in relationship to Senator Bragdon's new conflicts of interests as the CEO of a quasi-government agency that receives not only federal assistance voted on by him, but state assistance voted on by him and it realistically pads his pocket.  And just in case that revealing article disappears it's copied here, and shows Hassan as bias and aiding in a conflict of interest, she says uncharted territory. Really? hardly; 

...Hassan quoted as stressing New Hampshire has a good tradition of its volunteer legislators declaring conflicts in advance of taking up legislation... but stopped short of saying Bragdon should resign his Senate seat... "it will be a “challenge” for Bragdon to juggle his work on behalf of citizens in Senate District 11, while leading one of the largest public government insurance risk pools in the country."  Looks like John Stephens again and we ended up paying 35.8 million back to the federal government in medicaid fraud back because of him.  How much do you think Bragdon will cost us in the long run?  Hassan also quoted as  “I think it is always good to look at the ethics code. I am sure this experience will form that discussion,” looks like Morse a Republican could take up that seat and since Hassan also created a board to review legislative ethics last Month; if would appear she was fully aware of Bragdon's conflicts, hardly ethical. 

Hassan is also quoted in this article as stating "it’s too early to know whether last week’s tragedy at the Manchester YWCA, where a man killed his 9-year-old son and himself, exposed a hole in state laws regarding gun possession by the mentally ill or regulation of nonprofit child centers that host these visits between parents who are locked in stressful custody battles."   (Their reason for being there is hardly to do with custody battles; since that awful event; Director of Programs at that YWCA, Katie Schelzel states: Yes, after a leave of absence following the incident on 8/11, I made the decision to resign and change fields for the sake of my mental health and happiness.  

That's the point isn't it? Following regulations, actually having ethical considerations, ensuring peoples safety. But not Hassan, Schelzel, Bragdon or the YWCA whose policies where not followed this is what their policies were suppose to have been since 2009 the article states at the end..

GOP legislative leaders insist this move runs afoul of a 2012 law requiring that the Legislature approve any state steps to accommodate the national health care law.

Hassan is then quoted as stating “We wouldn’t want to be telling nonprofits in this state what kind of federal grants they should apply for,” 

RIGHT ESPECIALLY when Bragdon's is a Death Eater, I mean Democratic who is the CEO of the "new" nonprofit and holds the top spot at the senate; even if he does step down - if it's not out the door it's an issue.   And whose on that 9 person panel she appointed? If the form looks like this one, we can see how it will turn it.

The New Hampshire Government and Judicial System is starting to look a lot like the world of Harry Potter...; seriously with draconian laws, and or a disregard for the ones in place coming into play; like the recent one banning a mother from praying at her children's school, even silently. So now they are going to control what you think, that's an unforgivable curse in any world ...  

"Indifference to me, is the epitome of all evil." Elie Wiesel

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Monica Zulauf and the unnamed supervisor of the Manchester, NH Visitation Center  the only male; did not protect and/or provide safe visits for this child and his mother, these are the unanswered questions when the REAL facts are coupled with it.  

1. What did the counselor, the only male at the facility do to stop the father who was able to get off several shots? Nothing he clearly "escaped" as reported by the Amherst Patch

2.  How did Zulauf fail? She made this quote to the Nashua Telegraph 

Telegraph Quote: 

“I’d like to see 15 layers of security and safety, but people are going to commit an act of violence, who are committed to committing a homicide, they’re going to do it,” she said. “You can do as much as you can, reasonably, but this man was determined.”
Zulauf said it’s likely Savyon went through a metal detector during some previous visits, but it is not clear if he did Sunday. She said the center uses the metal detector “sporadically, but often.”

 Guidelines which the NH State Department of Health and Human Services must have established to be followed and to receive federal money State - 

YWCA visitation center is grant funded all of which come with specific criteria that must be met and was not in this case.  

pg. 7 they assured the mother when they did visits that they would ensure the safety of her and her son but couldn't be responsible if something happened.  

There own rules and Welcome Packet

To enhance the safety of all Center participants and staff, all guidelines must be followed. The Center cannot guarantee the safety of an individual. However, we do make it the first priority when conducting a visit. Our safety mechanisms include:

Surveillance system used to monitor the entryway and each room within the Center;

Separate entrances, hallways, and waiting areas;

Qualified Center staff and when necessary, Manchester Police Officers on site during visits;

Established protocol with the local police for crisis situations;

Operations in compliance with “best practice” standards and guidelines by the New Hampshire Family Visitation & Access Cooperative and National Supervised Visitation Network;

Zero tolerance for domestic violence and/or ill-mannered behavior of any kind;

Zero tolerance for use of drugs and/or alcohol before and during visitations and exchanges.

What went wrong. Ethics a lack of them. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Who Really Loses ... The Children Lose

Robert Kennedy once said; "Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly"

The Bulger trial is a lesson in action. It demonstrates that both Bulger and Government Employees are Guilty and all the players should be put away to simply deter others from doing the same; putting an embarrassing period of our country's history to rest.

When will that happen in the Child Protection Arena?

In this case, the NH Supreme Court thinks you should know about fraud as it is happening, FYI: Fraud is meant to deceive. While it may appear there are no appeals left to this case, the child who has lost the most will now have everything needed to bring action against all of them and the statute of limitations starts on their 18th Birthday. Parents’ don't forget that; win, lose or draw you have all the information you'll need for them; to bring their abusers to justice.

The saying, "what comes around goes around” has some satisfaction in this case. Here are some of the results to date:

For more on this story click here

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fairy Tale Festival 2013 The Results...

Fairy Tale Festival 2013 The Official Pictures & Where to Get More Info...

More Coming Soon ... more links at the end and click here for various papers and their pictures. 

The Storybook Winner is Roxanne Akhter's daughter 

from the drawing at the Nashua Fairy Festival!

Many unclaimed Prizes maybe claimed by Calling Tom Dwane at the Parks & Rec office at 603-589-3370 all have names on them check to see if one is yours! 

Denise-Marie McIntosh can be reached at for comments and suggestions ...

Pictures through our offical 2013 Photography Studio B. St.Pierre Studio














































Finding winners from the Quest  
Gabrielle Shows off how he Reads with his Retina with a Device called Kobi 








Getting Read to Move It or Swim for it - with Jr. Jazzercise 

























Giving Away Tickets to A Holman Stadium Baseball Game 










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