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Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Corrupt Judge Bamberger Steps Down & Back IN

"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them."
 (Galileo Galilei, Physicist)

Judge Bamberger, the womanizer & three or four time divorcee is finally getting off the family court bench, Some place he never should have been. And he is doing it with pangs of the realization that he never should have been in the family court arena. After all, divorced three times, maybe four and not one of those woman had a child with him may be the first red flag with this man, who women cut all ties with.

In this article he himself quips: 

"Bamberger wouldn’t say he’s jaded, necessarily, but maybe losing some of the patience he knows each defendant deserves."

“I think a judge at some point begins to realize that they’re not as patient as they once were,” Bamberger said. “I think I’m getting to that point, and I think the people who appear in court are entitled to somebody who does have the patience. I think more often than not, that means someone who’s younger.”

In the first instance, Patience is something he never had; no stable long term relationship,  no children of his own and he can't take care of himself for more than 5 minutes without hooking up with some increasingly dimwitted broad that'll do his laundry.  In the 2nd he never followed Canon rules like this one 38. code of Judicial conduct; which clearly states: 

  A.  A judge shall respect and comply with the law and shall act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary.

(Bamberger)The important part of the mental health court is that they’re getting the therapeutic intervention that they need, but they’re also being held accountable.” 

No integrity shown in the case of Adrienne Valdez  she was sent to the mental health court to avoid felony charges after brutally attacking two EMT's. Or 

    (a)  A judge shall not serve as an officer, director, trustee or non-legal advisor if it is likely that the organization
                             (i)  will be engaged in proceedings that would ordinarily come before the judge, or

                             (ii)  will be engaged frequently in adversary proceedings in the court of which the judge is a member or in any court subject to the appellate jurisdiction of the court of which the judge is a member.
But it appears, he did just that as the Chair of the Adoptive Families for Children; while he sat behind closed doors taking children out of their homes to be adopted through this agency. Morever this link shows he is the chair over at least four other. Whose watching Judges? 

Furthermore, here: "his own pet project, the city’s truancy court."

These kids could have easily been in his court room in Nashua for truancies; while Mark Conrad superintendent says it alledgedly helped a few students, they had no real numbers for the entire time Bamberger was there as a volunteer for 1 whole hour EVERY OTHER week; another red flag in and of itself.   Possibly the abuse of power by Bamberger can be best seen in this statement; 

"Bamberger said truancy court allows him to channel his authority as a judge to bring the right parties – students, parents and educators – to the table. He said he may not have the answers, but he can demand those who do to get together at truancy court."

Let's just hope that this Judge/Bamberger just retires and goes away and isn't retiring only to gain a large retirement and suddenly show up back on the bench; maybe the mental health professional he's dating from Community Council or was dating, actually gave him sound advice. Currently there is the marital master Alice Love and other Judges who have retired and come back to sit on the bench collecting both retirement pay and a heavy stipend to sit back on the bench while they age out of the system. Thanks in large part to our lack lustrous Chief Justice Dalianis .


Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages.
(Thomas A. Edison)

Copy of Article to Use to Deny Reappointment of Bamberger; use in his own words he lacks the patience and integrity to be a Judge in any capacity; for use with Executive Council and/or any other nominating bodies Legislative or Judicial.

Update 5/3/15 See he's back on the bench sudden infusion of patience? Highly Doubtful. 


  1. The truth? What a joke. Check your facts you moron. I worked with him for many years, and your creative writing serves none with any truth. Sounds like sour grapes to me...

    1. Thank you, for your comment and by virtue of signing anonymously and not adding corrections confirming that my facts are correct.

    2. Bamburger is a piece of shit and corrupt to the core. I was directly involved in his "cash for kids"style scam. Instead of being anonymous show your name. If you worked with him im sure you were directly involved in the corruption. Show you face and name coward. I am 28 now and I dealt with that shit bag bamburger more times than one.

  2. Timothy, thank you for speaking up. Wishing you nothing but the best going forward. (>‿◠)