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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Enforcing your Privacy Rights ... Hippa

"If leaders are careless about basic things - telling the truth, respecting moral codes, proper professional conduct - who can believe them on other issues?"- (James L Hayes)

You'd be surprised how many medical professionals like Dr. Susan Vonderheide engage in professional misconduct; and have  numerous complaints against them with the NH Mental Health Medical Board and get no results because they are not ensuring your rights to privacy.  

For Example child custody; one parent and the child go for therapy; the therapist inadvertently, knowingly, negligently or  intentionally releases information about that visit to the other parent - happens all the time right? Wrong, that is a breach of HIPPA see page 2 paragraph 2 Interim ... more questions on hippa security they are suppose to be doing see this link. 

Susan Vonderheide was appointment by Governor Hassan to the Mental Health Board in NH; Hassan's staff obliviously just ignored and/or didn't have her staff properly investigate her record.  The NH Mental Health Medical Board ; may not be ensuring your rights are upheld by even viewing your claims - that your records were release accidentally, negligently and/or purposefully and/or that your civil rights were denied. So when this happens ...

You get the complaint addressed with the US Dept of Health and Human Services ; for a patient Safety Confidentiality Complaint go here and for your civil rights go here.

The more people who complain to the right offices about New Hampshire's Fraudulent practices; the more likely we'll see shades of the FBI and other investigatory bodies in NH taking them out one by one, just like they did at the Rockingham Court House.

"Whoever is detected in a shameful fraud is ever after not believed even if they speak the truth." (Phaedrus) 

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