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Sunday, October 23, 2016

An Abuse of Trust

Villain Alert:
I had been a customer of Harry W. Wells & Son, Inc for years. And it is with regret that I have to take back any positive reviews I may have given over the years. 

Recently,  9/2016 I have found that they are a business that took advantage of an emergent problem.  

I allowed them to come into my home without be being there to fix my heat.  (because I thought I could trust them).  I came home to no heat and an invoice that said they found a dirty pressure switch and that the boiler came right on.  

Well it was on.  No Heat was the issue; not the boiler. When I called them on it - to back up their work and fix it.  The customer service was the worst.  Friday they told me I'd have to pay another 300 to have them come out. Monday they said I'd have to wait for a part and they refused to come out and check their work saying I'd have to go without heat until a part could be located. I called another company who came out that morning and checked the entire unit, cleaned the part and left me with heat without any immediate need for a new part.  

Wells called back to say they'd found a part; and I told them another company had just fixed it.  Afterward they are still trying to bill me for the service call; where they failed to correct the problem, they never called or stated in the invoice that a part was needed and/or that they couldn't fix it and would be ordering a part. 

It feels awful when a company you thought you could trust with the key to your house; abuses that trust. It makes it impossible to do business with them again and not write a complaint online warning others.

Standing Up To Bullies 

BBB CASE#: 16059180

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