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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Unconquerable? which side...

Invictus - you may remember the lines by Henley; but how do children grow up to be unconquerable souls?

They grow up believing that the best is yet to come. But only when nourished with love and happy thoughts, as they go through life's ups and downs with the support of parents, family and friends they become their unconquerable selves.

Yet, what does it mean for the child separated from a fit parent. In these cases, their mothers with varying backgrounds were denied their rights; it also means that no matter the wealth bestowed upon these children - they suffer because the night doesn't just cover them, it engulfs them in feelings of despair. Unable to form their own opinions because they don't know what that is anymore.  And they appeal to whatever gods should sooth their brow... and end up believing that he does not exist because a benevolent God would never take a parent or allow another parent to so heinously disregard the other's existence by not even allowing a young child to call and be with his mother, to hear her voice on holidays or even talk about her in his father's home, in fact, denying that half of him exists.

Suffering is inflicted upon them by a court system that turns a blind eye to the horrors of child protection workers, who appeased and indeed fueled the hate of his father, W. M. and step-mother Lo.M.  toward the mother/child relationship and ignored the facts.  

What it means is that ...

A Mother's unconquerable soul can't do enough and will never give up or close the door to save her child.

The fell clutch of circumstance, is that a child becoming a young adult has been manipulated through severe methods of programming by his father,  and his step-mother both special ed teachers; both of whom commenced their affair at Fairgrounds Middle School.  The Nashua School Board thought it was best to merely separate the two married teachers having an affair; leaving L. W. at Fair Grounds and moving W.M. aka B.M. to the failed phoenix program before shuffling him into Pennichuck Middle School due to pressure from the teacher's union.

Pennichuck Middle School is where he/W. M. hovered over his sons access to talk about his life. When fairgrounds did not want Lori Ayotte (yes related to the senator ), Wilson (1st marriage), McIntosh (2nd marriage) they sent her to Nashua High School where she is impeding upon her step-son's ability to have a normal high school life by interfering in his study's and signing documents as his "real" mother without sensor or discipline from the Nashua School District Superintendent's Office.   A child who tried to cry aloud and winced from being treated with corporal punishment for asking and or talking about his mother by a father who testified in court that there was no reason to talk about her in his house. Judge Kinghorn, a failed father himself, asked but did not order him to act appropriately, so he believes he doesn't have to. William (Bill) McIntosh has a multimillion dollar Mom, Anne McIntosh, whose father owned worcester chemical - a woman who continues to just buy her son's way through the court systems as she has done his entire life, for countless acts against others, including breaking a man's nose in a bar fight in Amherst/Northampton, MA. and fleeing from the scene over 20 years ago... 

Through the bludgeoning of chance, Lori Ayotte - Wilson -McIntosh is the cruel - on edge step mother who constantly tells this child that when his father dies he can live with her (not if), yet her own sons had to leave home at 18.

The horror of the shade is that in A Nashua, NH School system, a State Senator & a School Board promoted brushing corrupt teachers into other schools, never looking at the long road ahead of the for the children involved.  Nor did they ever offer services for the children in Fairgrounds Middle School who witnessed these two married teachers' affair.  Why would they? This is a school system that promotes segregation in their schools between children who are handicapped and those who are not.  Obviously they haven't seen Glee or moved into this century.  In 1979, the wanted to dumb down woman as shown in this case Salvail v. Nashua Board of Education, 469 F. Supp. 1269 (D. N.H. 1979): 

A step mother who used her red neck girlfriends in the form of Colleen Hood and Kris Geno; not to mention Alice Love who in the name of "William's/Bills" separated a fit mother from her child.  A mother whose heart may be broken over her son's plight and certainly beyond the wrath of tears - but her head is not bowed nor is she afraid  because like Henley, it does matter the gates that have to pried open and exposed because I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul'.

Nelson Mandela once said: "It always seems impossible until it's done."  

Their mistake, was to underestimate the unrelenting power of a real mother's love and that Karma does ensure that what comes around goes around. 

Our hope is that in 2014, the world treats it's children better and that those who seek to judge, do so with an abundance of reality and not in haste hinged on social workers, who lose children, hurt children, and do not listen to them. Simply because they don't care - they are paycheck people. People who have more problems in their own families than those they claim to seek to help.  Just look into the mishandlings of Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  Their own internal audits and having others take the fall? REALLY, this is where the Federal Government needs to check and hold those from the top down accountable. . .   

Roche, Olga (DCF)    DCF Commissioner Olga I. Roch - Mass     

                          DCYF Director Margaret 'Maggie' Bishop 

Just some of the people orchestrating injustice towards children and families by ignoring their needs as a means to satisfying their own need to shroud their indiscretions in secrecy.