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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chaos, Order, Fairy Tales Still Exist

And I am going to prove that they do! Unfortunately, in the legal arena of my endeavors and most of (but luckily not all) the articles in this blog show that, we should feel sorrow, anger and a need for accountability surrounding our government and judicial abuses, my plan is not to sink under its oppression.

Instead, I am going to equally balance the scales and introduce you to Fairy Tales unraveling all around us right now, rather than once upon a time, and with equal vigor expose those who threaten the makings of any great fairy tale...
Want to see what it's all about go to

NH Courts in Chaos even with Order's

George Orwell once said "Political chaos is connected with the decay of language... one can probably bring about some improvement by starting at the verbal end." If so then Judicial chaos is connected with the decay of literacy, one could probably bring about improvement if all the legal actors involved followed the rules and orders of their superior and actually had stock in their oath of office.

For example, in New Hampshire, the court system is operating in chaos, we have a first amendment right to free speech so the courts are suppose to accessible to all unless its so disruptive; the bulger case packs the court so what could be so disruptive? Anything the judge says for example this order from 2008  f clearly informs the public and the courts that audio and/or video taping is allowed in court rooms.

So, instead of paying $25.00 plus for poor quality tapes from the courts you can create your own when your in there. However, this development this past March of 2012, again like GAL cases shows the Judges of these courts do not know the laws and orders they are suppose to act under.

If they did NH Pubic Radio and the Union Leader Corporation in the above case would not have had to file suit to sustain their right to record for more information on your right to record in any media form see

"Confusion is a word we have invented for an order which is not understood." (Henry Miller) However, if the average  person can understand the order and the Court/Judge fails to implement it; that is oppression. Start taping video recording and demanding accountability.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Balance & Fairy Tale Access

In this life, you have to have balance. As such DMVC Productions is proud to introduce you to our new series with Access Nashua

The program is Fairy Tale Access, it's a place where the quest is to prove that Fairy Tales Exist in actual time, rather than once upon a time. Together we will unravel hero's young and old who turn dreams into reality.  These are the people who still believe in happily ever after. The discoveries will bend even our most cynical non-believers into fairy tales.

The series starts taping 8/25/12 and starts to air the week of 9/2/12, get updates and/or copies of the show as they hit you-tube at

Never stop asking questions!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Speak Up - Child Protection your Family’s Rights - The Procedure - Government Abuses to be aware of ...

Knowing your rights, Standing up for yourself and Speaking Up
to Ensure you get them! 

"Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen."  Winston Churchill 

This article covers whose talking about the problems in the system and what your rights are to protect your family.

Kevin Avard and other State Rep.'s are listening and Kevin has what it takes to sit down with you; you need the courage to Speak Up so that the problems your encountering can be brought forward and changed.

Speak Up, Host Kevin Avard sits down and talks with Independent Paralegal Denise McIntosh about a variety of issues having to do with dealings of the Family Courts

In NH the Child Protection law is NH RSA 169-C which can be found here: type in 169-C
click on:
Summary: TITLE XII PUBLIC SAFETY AND WELFARE CHAPTER 169-C CHILD PROTECTION ACT Section 169-C:1 169-C:1 Short Title. — This chapter shall be known as the Child Protection Act.Source. 1979, 361:2, eff. Aug. 22, 1979.. Section 169-C:2 169-C:2 Purpose. — &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp I. It is the purpose of this chapter, through the

you will then end up here:

Read this law find our what your rights are.  This law talks about what your rights are if DCYF is contacting you and/or involved with your family - demand accountability.

The Process with DCYF:
This is not to be construed as legal advice; it is simply what I have viewed in the process and what I would do NOW that I know what my rights are.

Central Intake - receives a complaint they check for red flags supposedly and they check records to see if there was a call before on the same family.

Social Worker - a social worker follows up with a phone call or by stopping by your home and leaving a card. This is where you can find out if they are doing the investigation correctly and what you may need to push for in your case:  click on either the Child Protection Act and/or Domestic Violence Act among other protocols government employees are suppose to follow when working with the family; cross reference with the law because they do not update these on a regular basis.

1) At first contact you don't have to call them back, they have 60 days to continue to try to reach you before they will simply label the case unfounded.

Flip Side:  If you have a real complaint about a child in need keep calling and call the police.

2) If you end up speaking with a  CPS Child Protection Worker and agree to meet to show your child is fine, it does not have to be at your home, it can be a restaurant or location that you feel safe.

3) Ask them to bring a copy of the Central Intake Report about your family and tell them you want them to bring it with them before you will see them. Problems check the true copy of the NH Family Rights brochure here:
Call the Ombudsman's Office 1-800-852-3345 extension 6941 when your rights are not being met.

Once you have the Central Intake Report, really look at what was written about your family, get witnesses to dispute, cross reference to see if it is really even about your family and call a lawyer if you can afford it; either way bring your wittiness's to court at the very start; if this is due to a divorce matter and it was already brought up in the Family/Superior Ct. bring that paperwork with you, to possibly show an overlap in jurisdiction.  Put the CPSW on notice and give her/him a copy it's unlikely they will put in the extra effort to prove your fit.

Also, important to check into is whether or not you have a Marital Master or Judge in the Family Division.  Because Rules. 12-14 for Marital Master have special restrictions as to the type of case they can hear and you will find that information here: check out D. do not agree to a transfer.  Request a Judge because the standard of proof is higher in the NH Superior Court System; which means the social worker will actually have to work and do their job.

At First Contact: This pamphlet is suppose to be given to you before you speak to them, it contains an outline of your rights including your right not to speak with them.
(this file has been scanned it is large so a couple of click's and a few moments to open it)

READ     the form you sign that is supposed to "just say" you receive this handbook.
COURT  if you did not receive this let the judge know you were never advised of your 
DUE PROCESS - NH RSA 169-C:34 IV at first contact you must receive the above

GRAY AREA - this form : is something I would not sign; in most case's they are there to check on the welfare of child; if you need the services on the 2nd page of this you can go directly to those office's. Furthermore, if the social worker has not filled out the form and/or check's off something, that makes you look guilty of something, be wary and do not sign.  They are only starting to investigate; do not sign without the advice of an attorney. And only when you get a full copy for yourself, RIGHT THERE, RIGHT THEN.
Because under NH RSA 169-C:27 you will have liability for expenses on any services you receive - however, you are entitled to a hearing to question the bill and have a court determine your ability to pay because the Reimbursement Unit is like any other collection agency and may try to force you into a reimbursement agreement that the Court system certainly would not.     

If you do not push for your rights no one will; you are not afforded an attorney in these cases as of July 2011.  Therefore, the only one who can help you is you.

These records show that NH Child protection workers fail federal audits based on their service to the public: this link talks about the goals for each state and gives the links to well, anything you want to know about a particular state, this link directs you to New Hampshire Results under the direction of Margaret Bishop.

If you receive a summons under NH RSA 169-C:8 It is suppose to give you notice of the chargeable services; furthermore, if you do need help and engage in a service plan with the state they have to let you know up front what each service will cost under NH RSA 169-C:19 Dispositional Hearing - The child protection worker has to come in with a plan and the costs; and you should know that you can use your own insurance.

The links provided for the above resources are not legal advice, they are legal rights and anything you do not understand you should ask; if a paragraph relates to another law go back to the state resource for finding the laws that pertain to your rights here: type in the number, click on and go to the referenced material.

Be prepared, be vigilant ask questions, demand answers and accountability and assert yourself; you have everything to lose if you do not. It is scary and it's aggravating to deal with small minded, overzealous young people who do not have children and even more so when they are any age and overzealous, disrespectful and they simply do not care.

The Court's and the law are suppose to make sense out of chaos not add to it.

"Always be ready to speak your mind, and a base man will avoid you." William Blake

If I left something out feel free to email me to put it in