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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Courts - Ethics - Transparent - Oppression - Results

The American Court system and U.S. Government has serious flaws as seen in reports not being covered, by the main stream media; although, a few are starting to pick up on the fact that Child Protection Services and corrupt Judicial System's, are on the rise in America. This is in part aided by life time appointments for Judges who disregard the law, ignore pro se litigants and even Attorney's but, this latter group is losing creditability daily as well, for its failure to take accountability for the roles the Court dictates it takes. 

Lawless America is covering these abuses and naming names in a movie taking place across the United States.

The problems are similar to countries like China where transparency is really a veiled threat behind closed doors and confidentiality clauses that only protect the government and the judicial branch.

I support Honesty in Government the rights we were allegedly given in the Bill of Rights and our Constitution. I am signer 892 whats your number ... the world is a smaller and smaller place all the time if America is to remain a leading nation it is going to have to start taking accountability and providing transparency while fixing its interior problems, before it can help anyone else.  Results can only be attained when you stand together against oppressive conditions imposed upon you, by your government.


  1. It appears to me that the government and the affiliated departments need to be fully accountable regarding this horrific situation. An investigation into the various family and child services is warranted as well as the records of the judges making these decisions.

  2. I know what you mean; our founding father's thought this little thing with 3 branches of government and states around the central government with checks and balances would up hold their constitution. As the world becomes a move level playing field these indiscretions by our government will be noticed and if we can not maintain our team fairly how could we possibly umpire other nations?

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