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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oppression on the Yellow Brick Road - American Children Legally Tortured in Canton, Mass

"A reporter's ability to keep the bond of confidentiality often enables him to learn the hidden or secret aspects of government." Bob Woodward

Canton, Massachusetts

An affluent and seemingly visually beautiful area of Massachusetts conceals the Horror and Oppression occurring right now at the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center. Even after this Federal Investigation this place is still open; why? - Law makers said it should be, why? follow the money...

"In 1994 this center changed its name to the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center after the judge [who] helped to preserve [the] program from extinction at the hands of state licensing officials in the 1980’s."[1] It has 900 employees and annual revenues exceeding $56 million, charging $220,000 a year for each student."

The following video exposes the case; be forwarned it is disturbing both graphically and audibly and was previously surpressed by the JRC for 8 years; the case McCollins guardian v. Von Heyn et al, this is a small clip but it is torture versus treatment and this goes on for 7 hours; 31 electical shocks conducted on an 18 year alledgedly because he has behavioral problems. 

"All but one of these shocks, it was revealed, was for tensing up or screaming, in anticipation of or response to shocks or restraints, while the other shock he received was for failure to remove his coat."  more on the disclosures at trial here:

The JRC is modeled after the Wizard of Oz; and as shown in this picture the wicked witch of the west is the women with her monkey replacement at the end of the hall our old favorite villians are nothing compared to the people in the white coats, THAT you will meet at the end of the hall to welcome you to HELL; Dorothy we are defintely not in Kansas or even Oz anymore.

So if your a child with emotional disabilities this place looks like Alice in Wonderland and this is not a Fairy Tale it is a nightmare dressed up to deceive ...

and lead you down the yellow brick road to electric shock therapy
"When you open the Grand Doors you see, directly ahead, the Wizard of Oz flanked by the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow. The Wizard greets you automatically, raising his magic sphere and encouraging you to visit the various reward areas. All of the mannequins on the Yellow Brick Road move their arms and lips and talk and sing when you press their buttons."


"...each case is ... approved by a Human Rights Committee, a Peer Review Committee, and a physician ..." ALL of whom are employees in this Fairy Tale Nightmare and paid extremely well to lie; at a facility taking in over 58 million a year in federal and several state's monies check out their response to Recent Articles and Blog entires such as mine and then cross reference against what was really said in the court room in the articles above.

Those of you have seen the new Fairy Tale turned nightmare movie "Snow White and the Huntsman" may relate the above employee's to the Queen's statement:  "Do you hear that? It's the sound of battles fought and lives lost. It once pained me to know that I am the cause of such despair. But now their cries give me strength. Beauty is my power."

These 900 employee's at JRC know they cause despair but surrounded in flashy false beauty they are deceived into thinking the are doing this work for the greater good....

For the greater good and aid in ending this Oppression no matter where you are from please sign this petition to end the violence in Massachusetts and or here

Indicating of course that "America is just the country that how all the written guarantees in the world for freedom are no protection against tyranny and oppression of the worst kind. There the politician has come to be looked upon as the very scum of society." Peter Kropotkin

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