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Saturday, February 9, 2013

NH DCYF Statewide Assessments SLANTED = FAILED

While we published "this story" found on Nashua Patch on 2/8/13  in 2010 when the assessment's were released, and again in 2012 to show the fraud committed by Margaret (Maggie) Bishop and Toumpas the current commissioner of DHHS; rereading the summary provided between results, assuredly by Maggie Bishop, reminded me of a game of chess, as I am being introduced to it by a very smart 5th grader. 

Looked at in this way, because Maggie Bishop is the bishop in the equation, Toumpas is her King as the director of DHHS, Knightly is being a Knight as a concern citizen, spurned by the Court and out for justice and as a Rook on the other side, we will unravel each of their standing's/roles because we want all the squares of the board to be accessible and be able to put the Department/Court of King Toumpas into Check Mate, because the facts support that there is "no defense to their unacceptable practices" 

= 2 

The bishop in a game of chess has no restrictions in distance for each move, but is limited to diagonal movement as shown here in this disclosure: 

Item 8: Reunification, guardianship, or permanent placement with relatives Page 109
Percent Rated as a Strength - NASHUA Rated 66.7 Lowest in State

"The Nashua District Office continues to display inconsistent reunification practices. Extensive office  reviews have identified training and practice issues that are being addressed relative to achieving more  consistent approaches. Nashua has a history of being more compliance focused than other offices and this is being included in their ongoing practice improvement initiatives, as it is not consistent with the performance in other offices."

Here is where the bishop's role, gets a bit tricky like all other pieces except the knight (Dot Knightly, the unhappygrammy in the equation), it cannot jump over the other pieces - so here you have to discern the rhetoric spewed by the Bishop, in this case Margaret Bishop under her Bad King Toumpas, first is she trying to jump over the pieces or does her limited ability to move diagonally due to the real facts, dissuade you, the public from the truth. 

Following Item 8 (in the Knightly / Patch Story above) Maggie Bishop the director of DCYF stated her fabricated observation of the real stats without restriction on how far she diagonally moved to avert the horrors shown in the report or she simply lost all objectivity in being honest and jumped over the truth - when making her move to shield her army of DCYF workers from criticism - here are the facts you decide ... if it has legitimacy  

Well to start most avid chess players are acquainted with a well-known quip from GM Mihai Suba and that quip is that "Bad bishops protect good pawns"  The "pawns" in the analogy above are the real stats they are good, in so much as that they disclose the fraud being concealed by Bishop and corner her attempts to show that the office is conducted with any real ethics or proper practices that indicate they are somewhat complaint ....

If the Nashua District Office - continues to display inconsistent reunification practices - as shown in State and Federal Audit's how can anyone say - it has a history of being more compliance focused than other offices - do they really mean that other office's in the state are in even less complaint to the public they are suppose to serve? Or do they mean it has a history of being more NON COMPLIANT than other offices? 
In general in chess Bishops are approximately equal in strength to Knights;  like all other pieces except the knight, it cannot jump over other pieces. A King (the Judicial Branch) and a Rook (a pro se litigant or an Attorney) can force check mate against a lone king while a king and bishop cannot.  In the endgame with a bad bishop, (such as Margaret Bishop), it is the "wrong bishop", meaning that it is on the wrong color of square for some purpose (in fact acting under the color of law) usually promoting a pawn (a DCYF worker acting recklessly and/or with malicious intent under the color of law

The "Elephant in the room" is an English metaphorical idiom for an obvious truth that is either being ignored or going unaddressed. The Expression also applies to an obvious problem or risk such as shown in the assessment of the article in question and the findings in the audit against DHHS and as shown in chess the bishop like Margaret Bishop may be the elephant in the room.  

After all, the bishop's predecessor in medieval chess (Shatranjis the Alfil, meaning elephant. Since the Bishop in this story has been in non-compliance through the lives/reigns of at least three (3) kings/Commissioner's perhaps she, Margaret Bishop, is the elephant no one is addressing... 

GAME OVER? Not yet, the worlds longest chess game in terms of moves ever to be played was Nikolic' vs. Arsovic' in 1989 in Belgrade, Serbia, with 269 moves; multiple that by thousands of individuals and families destroyed and/or abused under the NH Bishop name Margaret Bishop and like the 1989 chess game, there will no winner, there can only be positive change...