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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DCYF Bishop & Toumpas commit FRAUD FINDINGS HERE

"He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers." Charles Peguy

If you review several blog entries by me and you search for "Federal Audits" you will find that the links previously provided have been redacted by DHHS in New Hampshire and/or linked to unrelated sites; it also is indicative of their attempt to break into emails and conduct wiretapping simply because they can.  I attempted to update the MOJO Declaration and instead decided to post the findings here;

On my blog you will find that this link has been redacted and leads you to an error and/or a state report made up by Maggie Bishop; however it should link to the Federal Website as shown in the title:
However, the real evidence remains unchanged here: type in state
The Federal Assessments of New Hampshire Rounds 1 and 2 reflect the consistent failures observed by the Federal Government since 2003 and are contained in the State’s audit as well:
Furthermore, I saved a previous copy initially put out in 2010 here:


previously under  is now: and preserved here The N.H. Statewide Assessment 2nd Round CFSR’s (Children Family Services Report) demonstrates that New Hampshire has neglected policy that was the "moving force behind constitutional violations in many potential civil cases over the last 20 years."  If compared side by side you can identify the changes made to make DCYF look better.

Preserved here: is a small comparison document
However, Ms. Bishop's report copied in  August 2011 is preserved here: and here

Its easy to believe someone like Maggie Bishop under the direction of Nick Toumpas; when you want to hear that the Government in New Hampshire is not lying to you.  But you can not ignore the hard core facts; their own documentation preserves their lies. The system ... well it, bites.

Kentucky knows it and their media is checking into it Michigan Knows it and their media and congressman are pushing for the truth WMUR in New Hampshire receives to many endorsement's from DHHS/DCYF to report the real news; so do not expect to see it there like other media sources refusing to do their job; this article shows when parents have the ability to push their case to the highest court the truth comes out; you can expect to see the truth in a movie made through

The facts in my case show the deception and corruption in the New Hampshire system; if it didn't there would be no reason for DHHS to intercept and redact information that the public has the right to know; aka The Freedom of Information Act and the NH Right to know laws.

"The hardest thing about searching for the truth...Is that sometimes you find it."

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