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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Article directed at demeaning Women - Real Evidence or a Fraud

This link is a piece of propaganda directed at hating women;  it is so obviously biased and without sources for alleged documentation of case reference.

The behavior's listed are poor parenting styles to make a child choose one parent over another; and while this article centers only on women; both men and women have demonstrated such behaviors; the validity of articles such as this has to be dismissed in whole; because, of the blatant prejudice; more so when you check the resources, because it is Fraudulent in every respect.

The article has numerous red flags;
The writer id's himself as Ira Daniel Turkat Ph.D. with the Florida Institute of psychology Results: there is none; He also states he is with the University of Florida College of Medicine Results: a call to Dean's office of this facility indicates HE IS NOT;  (352) 273-7500

The only hospital in Venice, Florida does not have a psychology department for this actor to be Chief of as indicated on this website

There is a doctor of psychology listed on the Florida Licensing Boards site and that is where the relationship ends; the numbers listed for a venice office are never answered and calls are not returned.  However, the Dr. licensed by the State of Florida with the same name practices in Sarasota.  This document gives an address of 1225 Avenida Del Circo, Venice, Florida 34285 none of which connects to the doctor listed as the contributor to the document;  

The Internet is a great tool for research but TRUST NO ONE - Check your/their sources - Father's rights groups pushing this propaganda, unchecked are dangerous predators. Work in Family Rights requires the whole family - everyone has their role and when one parent has stayed home with children they should be allowed to continue to not disrupt the Child; male or female. The manipulation in and around this article is useless.

Circulated to my attention by A "Joseph Kenick III"  a person who alledges the Court's were unfair to him; no idea what his evidence is but I do hope that people airing his take on it; at least ask for documentation to support it.
Like Evo Morales once said "I don't debate with liars."


  1. As you say, be careful of what you read on the internet. The person who circulated the article you are responding to is not a father who has been maligned by the court. He is an arrogant man who is not getting what he wants so he ignores court rulings. I am very familiar with his divorce and can tell you now that he is not a victim nor has he been treated egregiously by family court. If you heard both sides of this case you would realize that this is the case of a controlling man who isn't getting what he thinks is his.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Not having read the documents in the case or even met anyone associated with it; I can't comment either way.
    However, I can concur that anyone handing out such completely henious literature to demean women to get their way or a specific woman depending on how and when used; the adjective of arrogant does not give weight to the type of person this is. This is someone who will resort to any means to get their way; and the person on the other side of that, should be cautious and take appropriate measures to protect themselves.


  3. Anonymous is right. I've been following this divorce case since the beginning. To this day, Mr. Kenick continues to defy court orders and continues to claim he is a victim and the courts are taking away his constitutional rights.

  4. I am glad I was able to shed some light on the fraudulent nature of these types of characters. I hope the other side has an attorney who does his research to show what type of person this truly is; left unchecked he will continue to abuse this woman by taking her to court constantly.


  5. Mr. Kenick defies court orders because they are unfair and he has no means (financially) to abide by the orders because his ex-wife got EVERYTHING and Mr. Kenick is homeless, car-less, unemployed and frankly, hopeless at this point. Mr. Kenick is an EXCELLENT man who only wants to see his children. That said, I understand that people here would like to have an open mind in the hopes that the court system is not so flawed, but in New Hampshire it is and is undoubtedly biased TOWARDS women.
    When a woman is "screwed over" in court, it is a travesty - when a man is "screwed over" in court, it is called "justice".
    Unfortunately, there are MANY women right now who play to the court's sympathies when they are women with children - meanwhile the husband does the right thing, loves his children, and would like to share an equal part in their life - yet he is unduly persecuted because he is the father and not the mother.
    I urge all of you to read this case completely - every word of it and you will see how drastically Mr. Kenick was denied his fair day in a court of law.

  6. Sorry, to have to post the above remark just trying to be fair.

    However, what can be taken away from Kenicks remarks are that like the fake supporting documentation he tried to use in court attached above, now he thinks hes above the law.

    Court orders are always unfair when parties can not communicate and settle, prior to having a Judge make the decisions for them.

    However, doing the RIGHT THING includes telling the truth, something Kenick has proven he is incapable of at this time. Read the whole case it's public record, people who really get screwed push to make things right, which means following the court orders even when unfair and looking for real evidence to prove their innocence. Something Kenick is lacking.

  7. I went through a very mess divorce (my lawyer said in his 25 years of practicing law... mine was one of the worst) I went up in front of Master Cross many times. I was unjustly accused of horrible abuse and many other things. He seemed very fair and read the reports from the Guardian ad litem and other character reports . There was a short jail term that i thought I was "sunk" I will say that Master Cross did an excellent job and was very fair. he even mentioned that there was "inconsistencies" that he could not over look in my ex-wifes account of things. I am here to say that in both parents hearts are true to the children... justice will prevail. I thank Master Cross every day that I am a father to my children