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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Reporter Kathy Burn's & Concord Monitor's Lack of Professional Ethic's in Reporting

This article is a perfect example of media sources and reporters that are bringing the art of accurate and responsible reporting to a disgraceful decline; unless of course you want a narrow minded and personal bias as your basis for news.

In this example, the only Child running amok is the Reporter Kathy Burns and her reporting style if one can be found; it is indicative of bitterness, bias and unprofessionalism everything that media ethics purports not to do.

NH State Representative's both Republican and Democrat get paid $200.00 a year to serve their constituents; the Senate a mere $100; that they can actually be passionate about the work they do and show emotion when their efforts are thwarted  should be applauded for simply trying; whether we always agree or not these displays of dismay should not be made into something that it is not. The legislative process is effective but has never historically been a quick fix in this Country; some perfect examples are the U.S. Constitution's creation and ratification and then acceptance and implementation of amendments it is constantly evolving;

Most compelling is the 13th Amendment that was suppose to abolish slavery it was submitted on January 11, 1864, by Senator John B. Henderson of Missouri, Passed by Congress on January 31, 1865, and ratified on December 6, 1865; however, slavery and all the rights that go with it was not accomplished or enforced by force of law, until a series of Supreme Court decisions starting with Brown v. Board of Education in 195490 years, however, acceptance is still growing; Jim Crow laws in various States making segregation legal until well into the 1970's; Racial segregation can still be seen in American neighborhoods; through poor public policies, mortgage discrimination and redlining by Realtors and banks refusing to finance minorities among other things. If you don't think people like Senator Henderson have the right to have been dismayed or in fact outraged at the out come of the amendment being passed and the resulting lack of application, because the Judicial Branch did not enforce the Laws made by the Legislative Branch your wrong.

In this story the reporter failed to report the truth; the legislation, the displays  of emotion are related to matters of moral issues that the majority deplore partial birth abortions etc. As far as Speaker O'Brien and the redress members go; they are out to show the injustices that occur in our court systems and the unethical treatment people are receiving across this state with various Government and State Departments. 

These people are not all legal professionals and have a variety of backgrounds and when they check information and hear directly from constituents who live in their state and city's and move to get more information in seeking the truth;  That is what should be applauded and when they act on information without fully checking their primary sources and corresponding documentation we should find fault with that.

But, we absolutely should never find fault with displays of emotion, its emotional, its our future and its their time away from their families and full time jobs for a mere $200 dollars a year to speak up!

Let this reporter and paper know we are not interested in her type of reporting or her personal bias.

I try to report it as I see it, and only post after a full review of the how, what, when, and why; I then cross check and recheck my sources; I accept critiques and I do not delete the ones I do not like, as the Concord Monitor does; every writer has a bias or slant and a duty to provide ethical reports to you; by, presenting you with the facts and letting you form your opinion's; not shoving theirs down your throat.

This is the article in question:

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