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Sunday, May 13, 2012

To the Mother's without a Card Today

As I travel down that old familiar road, I find myself in longing the landscape beckons me; folding me in an embrace that caresses my brow and soothes my soul while releasing my tears with it gentle whispers of home...

Child: Mom?
Mom: yes. 
Child: you know what's weird?
Mom: what?
Child: they started asking about you again (pause), like how's your mom.
Mom: (slowly smiling)
Child: So, I guess "We" do exist...
Mom: Yes, yes we do... we exist ... are you ready then?

Child:(simply giving that eye brow look)

Mom:(like a reflection in his beautiful eyes) To see the     
                                                                                world ...

That saying when one door closes, another will open ... why it opens is because "we" make life happen; we're mothers - we push past obstacles and break barriers; we are relentless to make this world better for all children ... we will never recoup what we have lost - but by learning, persevering and fighting for it; we will win the future for our children! 

Happy Mother's Day.

Yours in opposing oppression;
Denise-Marie McIntosh

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