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Monday, May 7, 2012

N.H. Fraud in Non-Profit Organizations Fraud ... oophs Kelly Ayotte

This is getting to be a very expensive state to live in if only; because, of the following practices of fraud through non-profits in the live free or die or state;

Coincidentally while Kelly Ayotte AG from 2004 - was suppose to be on watch do we really want her for a Vice President? The rest of the country be warned and Romney really there isn't any better choices? The insets below are public record and links are provided to the site if no direct link its a piece under wikipedia in relationship to Ayotte. My comments are in italics.

1st waste, fraud and abuse in the state administration of the NH Medicaid Program -  to the tune of $35.8 million for tax-payers; they tried to say they shouldn't have received it in the first place - the point they took it in 2004, did the AG investigate? nope;

2nd hearings underway against the NH Local Government Center this may only cost tax-payers here $100 million if you check their site they tidy up lose ends by training our "Newly Elected Officials with Local Officials Workshops" conflict of interest or what - keep up todate at

3. Non-profits in NH currently do not disclose campaign contributions on a State and Federal level to the sec of State; a vote is coming up to require them do so, cover here:
The below is copied from Wikipedia (these things sometimes have a way of disappearing when Mrs. Ayotte is around); however, its verified and still on going in many cases as shown below: My comments in italics.

4. Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England
"In 2003, the Federal District Court for the District of New Hampshire found the New Hampshire law requiring parental notification of a minor's abortion, the Parental Notification Prior to Abortion Act, unconstitutional and enjoined its enforcement. In 2004, New Hampshire Attorney General Peter Heed appealed this ruling to the Court of Appeals for the First Circuit. The Court of Appeals affirmed the District Court's ruling. In 2004, Ayotte, having replaced Heed as New Hampshire Attorney General, appealed the Appeals Court's ruling to the Supreme Court, over the objection of incoming Democratic governor John Lynch. Ayotte personally argued the case before the Supreme Court. Governor John Lynch, upon assuming office as governor, submitted an amicus curiae brief in opposition to the Parental Notification Prior to Abortion Act."

"In Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood of New England, the Supreme Court vacated the ruling by the District Court and remanded the case back to the District Court. The Supreme Court held that (1) "invalidating the statute entirely is not always necessary or justified, for lower courts may be able to render narrower declaratory and injunctive relief" and (2) "when confronting a statute's constitutional flaw, this Court tries to limit the solution to the problem, preferring to enjoin only the statute's unconstitutional applications while leaving the others in force or to sever its problematic portions while leaving the remainder intact."

5. "In 2007, the New Hampshire Parental Notification Prior to Abortion Act was repealed by the New Hampshire legislature, rendering a rehearing by the District Court moot. In 2008, a Federal District Court judge ordered the New Hampshire Department of Justice to pay Planned Parenthood's attorney fees and court costs, finding that Planned Parenthood's position had been upheld at every level of judicial review. In April 2009, Ayotte, as Attorney General, authorized a payment of $300,000 to Planned Parenthood."

6. Ayotte has prosecuted two high profile capital murder cases.

Murder of police officer Michael Briggs

"One case resulted in both a conviction and death penalty sentence for the killing of an on-duty Manchester Police Officer in 2006. Ayotte has been criticized for pursuing the death penalty in the case, as opposed to seeking a life sentence without parole. Prosecutions seeking the death penalty typically cost several million dollars to adjudicate. To date, the state of New Hampshire has spent $2.7 million on the case.The death penalty in the case is currently being appealed. The defendant in this case is the sole inmate on New Hampshire's Death Row. New Hampshire has not carried out the death penalty in over seventy years and lacks an execution chamber. The New Hampshire Department of Corrections estimated in 2008 that it would cost $3.4 million to build and staff a chamber to carry out death by lethal injection. Several non-profit groups have argued that the money spent seeking the death penalty sentence would be better spent on assistance to the surviving families of the victims. In 2009, the New Hampshire legislature established the Commission to Study the Death Penalty in New Hampshire to study whether New Hampshire should abolish the death penalty. Some have also questioned whether race and class played a role in the jury's decision to impose a death penalty sentence in the case. The victim in the case was white and the defendant an unemployed indigent black man. Ninety-five percent of the New Hampshire population is white. Members of the slain police officer's family have appeared in television ads for her Senate campaign praising her leadership."

"Emails exchanged in 2006 between Ayotte and her 2010 campaign strategist Rob Varsalone, in which they discussed both her political future and her decision to seek the death penalty in the Briggs case, became public during her 2010 campaign for the Senate. Her Democratic opponent, Paul Hodes, accused Ayotte of using the case for political gain and politicizing the case."

"Two former prosecutors turned personal-injury attorneys alleged that Ayotte's conduct in the case violated American Bar Association standards of conduct which state that "in making the decision to prosecute, the prosecutor should give no weight to the personal or political advantages or disadvantages which might be involved" and "should not permit his or her professional judgment or obligations to be affected by his or her own political, financial, business, property or personal interests."

John Brooks case

"In the second capital murder case that Ayotte prosecuted in 2008, a Rockingham County jury convicted a wealthy white businessman of capital murder for hiring three men to kill a handyman whom the defendant believed had stolen from him. In that case, the jury rejected the death penalty and elected to sentence the defendant to life in prison without parole even though the jury had found that aggravating factors had outweighed mitigating factors in their consideration of the sentence. Some have questioned whether race and class played a role in the jury's decision not to impose the death penalty in the case."  NH Law/RSA is kinda of tricky in NH check RSA 630.

7. Financial Resources Mortgage fraud

"Ayotte has been criticized for her former office's alleged refusal to investigate charges against mortgage investment firm Financial Resources Mortgage (FRM) which has been accused of orchestrating a $80–100 million Ponzi scheme. Scott Farah, the former president of Financial Resources Mortgage, was accused of swindling investors out of millions of dollars, using investor funds to pay other investors and his own personal expenses, and has agreed, under a plea agreement, to plead guilty to federal wire and mail fraud charges in exchange for a nearly 20-year prison sentence."

8. "In May 2010, New Hampshire's current Attorney General Michael Delaney issued a report faulting New Hampshire's Attorney General's office during Ayotte's tenure, the state Banking Department and the state Securities Bureau for failing to investigate complaints against Financial Resources Mortgage. Concurrently, a joint state legislative committee conducted an independent investigation and held public hearings. The Joint Legislative Committee to Review the State’s Regulatory Oversight Over Financial Resources Mortgage reached conclusions similar to those of Delaney's report, according to a draft report."

"Republican candidate for Governor John Stephen has criticized Ayotte for her lack of oversight of Financial Resources Mortgage's activities. Stephens has said that Ayotte "has to be held accountable" for her and the New Hampshire Department of Justice's failure to act on complaints received about Financial Resources Mortgage's conduct."

Oh my, John Stephen's throwing stones he's our guy that double counted what 40 million to bolster his budget to look good in voters eyes; however, he failed to pay providers see Chase Home for children vs. State of New Hampshire.

Yea, to Attorney Delaney but considering he is the head of the Department of Health and Human Services with evidence coming out soon about his Department's fraud not only in the cases his social workers work on; research shows that money taken from the Federal Government may result in even bigger balances than Ayotte has contributed to its continuing and it will fall back toStephens and Delaney check out the "Prevention Program under " RSA 169-C:39-a repealed by 2010, 195:3, effective on the date that the New Hampshire Children's Trust certifies to the secretary of state, the state treasurer, and the director of the office of legislative services that the trust has been formed as a private New Hampshire voluntary corporation and has been qualified by the Internal Revenue Service as a section 501(c)(3) entity.] Go all the through 39-i to get an handle on the layering involved and how the money is received and matched and where it funnels in and out of - that type of layering is indicative of ...oh... Money Laundering or the reality and definition it is the process of creating the appearance that large amounts of money obtained from a legitimate source  here the Federal Government is being used as it is suppose to; however, when in the same title     169-C:27 Liability of Expenses and Hearing on Liability (c)  parents are being charged 100% of the cost of all the services the Federal Government is reimbursing the State for at 75% without hearings one has to wonder where that money is going or when crossed reference with the State accounting department there are off shore accounts. Why? Oh and State legislators at hearing earlier this year decided if may be to much money to pay one of the top 4 accounting firms to mitigate the damages; this also occurred under Ayotte and continues under Delaney.

9. Back to Ayotte Deleted emails

Ayotte's office deleted Ayotte's email and calendar of appointments from their computer systems prior to Ayotte's resignation as New Hampshire Attorney General. Two days before Ayotte resigned her post as Attorney General and less than one week before Ayotte filed to run for the Senate Republican primary, Ayotte's office issued a policy memorandum covering deleted emails. The memorandum states that, "While courts have not yet addressed the issue, it is our view that electronic records that have been legally deleted and are available only on system back-up storage media are properly treated as no longer subject to disclosure" under New Hampshire's Right-to-Know Law.

On September 10, 2010, the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office released copies of many, but not all, of Ayotte's deleted emails in response to Right-to-Know requests. The Attorney General's Office also reported that many of Ayotte's "deleted" emails could not be recovered because backup tapes on which they had been stored had been re-used.

The legality of the permanent deletion of Ayotte's emails by New Hampshire's Attorney General's office is the subject of a law suit currently pending in New Hampshire's Merrimack County Superior Court.

On October 11, 2010, Paul Hodes, Democratic candidate for the Senate, accused Ayotte of using a capital murder case that Ayotte prosecuted in 2006 for political gain and for politicizing the case. Hodes based his accusation upon emails exchanged between Ayotte and Rob Varsalone, currently Ayotte's campaign strategist, during 2006. The emails were released to the public by the New Hampshire Department of Justice on September 10, 2010 under a Right-to-Know request. Subsequently, Hodes has suggested, based on Ayotte's released emails, that Ayotte's political ambitions may have in part motivated Ayotte's decision to seek the death penalty in the case.

I will just add more here as it comes up, whats that saying ...Self-conceit may lead to self-destruction. Certaining one to take a double look at when considering her as part of a presidential campaign; she may look and seem harmless due to her in ability to speak with conviction on the whole but she is not.

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