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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

U.S. Violence Against Women & Unadequate Immigration Policies that Hurt Women

I recently blogged about a propaganda piece written and meant to demean women; and discredited the source.  It was forwarded to me for no apparent reason the contents of which do not even scratch the tip of the iceberg; several other piece's of the puzzle are covered in this article by the Southern Poverty Law Center who better describes the issues women are facing in this Nation and the ones to aware of.

I do not hate men and advocate for family rights; I believe in stay at home moms and/or dads and moms who want to go to work, I dreamed of being just that myself, a stay at home mom; life has changes good and bad and I have faith that most men are more than decent and both men and women are victims of the court system; however, the violence of a great many father's rights groups has disturbing results covered here:

Furthermore, women coming into this country need to be extra cautious; cases I worked on as an intern, introduced me to women from all over the world who met men abroad from the U.S. who courted them and made them feel loved; although, when they got here they were exposed to a very different life.  Many were brutalized - pregnancy's ending in miscarriages or finding out that the men they were with were felon's or criminal pedophiles; whose interest center on their children and bringing them over not for the reasons we would hope.

The immigration policies of this country require women coming here to be tested for vernal diseases; a background check for criminal activity and a series of interviews; however, what is not checked is the man, he is neither checked by immigration the U.S. Government nor by the women who fell in love with them; and for whom has no idea once here that she has rights and that those rights include NOT being abused.

This needs to change, women are coming here to be exposed to disease, and criminals because women here ask for blood tests or should, use condoms, and they at least google these guys names to be sure there are no adverse cases online about them.

Women coming from a different country or even a state to meet a man they met abroad, on vacation, or over the Internet - should do a background check before leaving, ask for STD tests, and get a criminal record check.  In many cases the men present one or all of these issues. Other cases show extreme abuse ranging from emotional, controlling and being passed around as a sex object.

Ladies, check these guys out before coming or going. Unfortunately, our government is not checking them out - as much as they are checking you out.

Nothing is more important than your own personal safety and that of your children, there are miserable creature's in this world and you have no chance of being free unless you stand up for yourself and make people accountable; otherwise you leave yourself open to injury.

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