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Monday, April 9, 2012

Two Little Boys - Child Protective Services - Nuclear Research performed on Children part 2

Reference to post on 4/8/12; an anonymous source provided me with the name of one of the homes in Massachusetts doing Nuclear Research on Children; looking down the hallway of hell.

The ominous view is that of the hallways now in decay of the Walter E. Fernald State School, in Waltham Ma. a school that was and is still publicly funded; experiments conducted on Children by representatives of Boston's Harvard University and MIT funded in part by the "Quaker Oats Company" resulted in a settlement of  1.85 million dollar's for "some" albeit not all the Children tested on; nor does it take into consideration that State Child Protection Service workers allowed children to be bribed and gave consent for the majority of residents to have the testing performed on them.

Wiki on the Fernald School quotes an unusually tame version of the events at the school the suit heavily went towards MIT as shown in their own coverage.  What this shows is that the records of Child Services were of course lost.  Just as the due process series in this blog shows they often do with documents that are incriminating towards them. 

Thanks to Governor Deval Patrick of Mass. this facility and it's long history of harming people will rightfully be put to rest; the PBS documentary "Front Wards, Back Wards" directed by W.C. Rogers describes some of the horrors going on in this facility, it's hard to believe some residents family's fought to keep this place open. To find out more about Unethical human experimentation go to and cross reference your sources to reports finally released by the US government the extent of the research is staggering and we will find out about the current testing in 40 years if you do not speak up now and save countless lives. For further abuses check on the testing world wide by American pharmaceutical companies!  The results are sickening.

Oppression is always in the dreariest of places.....

                                              Keep asking questions the truth is closer than you think.   


  1. Dedicated to my Great Niece & Nephew, Who were wrongly taken from " The Only Home They Knew." "Grandma & Grandpa's " Bill & Sandra Galbraith. Here in No. California. They have been informed that Their Grand-Babies are being Adopted out & would be better off with their aunt & (her boyfriend, Who is in & out of the home because of fighting ) One reason we were given for the removing? " They (the Aunt & her Boyfriend)are Bilingual and the children will have more " Opportunities" These Grandbabies are My Little Sisters Biological Grandson. There was No wrongdoing on the part of " The Grandparents " It has been 6mo's Since they have got to see one another. This is the short version of " Their Story ". They have never got to tell their story " in court " or To the Judge. These are & could be the only Grand-Children they will ever have. When C.P.S. Came to remove the Grandson, They were at my " Private Residence " Where we were visiting. Grandson & Grandma were napping. I tried to stop them from entering " My " home by asking " WHY " Their Answer( CPS) "BECAUSE WE CAN" I stood in front of my door, Blocking it & asking them for a Warrant. I told them that " I had a Constitutional Right to "Protect My Family & Home From Unlawful Intrusion" And last I Checked, I Was a U.S. Citizen" I also demanded a warrant Again. There were Three CPS workers & Two Very Aggressive Police officers Yelling at me, Threatening me, and Finally Arresting me. I as well as my family are law abiding citizens. Never been in trouble with the law, Yet They all acted as if they were breaking up a Big Child Abuse wring or Doing a Major Drug Bust or Something...I Still have a hard time believing that something like this could Truly Happen right here in America and in Our small little town of 6700 population. My husband was born & raised in this town. We did Foster Care in this town. We Adopted two Children in this town. And I Did Daycare for over 25 yrs in this town. And I wonder why, if they thought the Children were truly "in Danger" Why Didn't they go to my sister & her Grandbabies home to take them??? My then sixteen yr old Daughter, Now lives in fear every time she see's a Police Officer? This Just Ought Not To Be......I Thought this stuff happened to " Bad People " How could I have Ever Been So Wrong????????? Thanks so much for listening.......As We Have Begun Praying for ALL of " The Ripped apart Families out there," As We Now Know Are Many " Please Pray Justice For The Galbraith's Bill & Sandra, and Their Granddaughter Yuerraidy ( Raydie ) & Grandson Jose. One more thing, Please keep us updated on your own Unlawful Plights... May God Bless You and Your Families. Always yours, Nancy Baker & The Bakercrew.....
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    1. Dear Nancy and Bakercrew;

      Thank you for your sharing your heart wrenching story. I am truly sorry for the pain you and your family are going through. Please continue to fight for your right to see them and/or as kindship placement for your grandchildren it sounds like your background is something beneficial that the Judge should be looking at.

      Our thoughts and prays are with you and please feel free to update here or at my email