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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Two Little Boys - Child Protective Services - History - FDR - Never Stop Questioning

While I would love to jump on the bandwagon with unhappygrammy's assessment of whether or not DCYF = Child Protective Services in New Hampshire is really changing, as shown in this site's article "changing for the better".

The source she is referring to, is put out by N.H. DCYF which is extremely good with their rhetoric of "we are doing it for the greater good" and all accounts show that the figures presented under the direction of Maggie Bishop are not just misleading, they are utterly false.  Statistics can be manipulated and the variables are huge; the report is indicative of not recent action but activity over the history of this state agency's existence since 1979.

"In 1835, the Humane Society founded the National Federation of Child Rescue agencies to investigate child maltreatment. In the late-19th century, private child protection agencies – modeled after existing animal protection organizations – developed to investigate reports of child maltreatment, present cases in court and advocate for child welfare legislation." Pecora et al. (1992), pp. 230-31; Petr (1998), p. 126.

Scary right? In 1944, while Hitler was committing unspeakable human experiments while exterminating an entire race, the US not having stepped up sooner to these offenses may have been, in part, due to the fact that the United States was conducting their own experiments. These experiments were practiced on our most vulnerable citizens, our children.  Children taken from parents or due to the depression families hoped they might be better cared for by their government, in foster care, after all FDR was to be trusted with all those "new deals"; but like his Manhattan project the Atomic Bomb and so many other scientific studies he allowed on humans his own American Citizens; we may soon find that the similarities between Hitler and FDR, do not end like so many historians have depicted.

How do I know about the experiments? For one, this letter from the U.S. Department of Energy  and the reports above clearly state that radiation testing was being done on children and only advised this tester that a committee under President Clinton was looking into whether or not the testing was done under appropriate ethical and scientific standards.  The Plutonium Files: America's secret medical experiments in the Cold War, by Eileen Welsome, Dial Press, c1999, New York, N.Y., ISBN 0-385-31402-7; her research indicates they sought out and feed radioactive material to mentally disabled children.  However, the child now an educated affluent adult that this letter is directed toward was not mentally disabled, he was simply a ward of the state; if that should matter. Furthermore it should enrage us that this site/source, also shows this testing was done not only to our most vulnerable citizens but in fact to a number of other citizens without their knowledge or consent.  There is over 1.6 million pages of classified records released by Secretary O'Leary on the testing alone.

Moreover, it wouldn't be until the National Research Act of 1974 and the Belmont Report that would require consent of those being tested on.  Of concern is that right now the consent for mind altering drug experimentation is being done on Children in this country because the consent comes from the Department of Child Protection Services since they are the wardens of the Child in the foster care system.  A Child that is a ward of any state could and in many cases is now be subjected to these types of dangerous tests.
Consequently, one would correctly assume FDR/America isn't as different from Hitler/Germany during that time period as we would like to believe and there is no reason to believe that Child Protection Services is giving out correct information based on their history and development under FDR.

The two strikingly similar little boys who inspired this article show that the one on the right, 70 years ago was abused by CPS, when his single mother Virginia Cutter due to the pressures of an unforgiving Swampscott, Massachusetts community and the military enlistment of a Barclay Clark, thought the State could better care for her child.  Luckily, for him Victoria Hogland would keep him safe, in Hopedale Massachusetts. Once, he was in her home and Victoria never allowed state workers near him again, knowing what they had done to him.

The other little boy, his grandson was abused by CPS when he was maliciously and fraudulently separated from his fit mother against her will, only 6 years ago and sent to live with his father as recommended by this State Agency and a CPSW Sylvia Gayle who then immediately asked her to take in another child since her son was going to be living with the father, even in spite of being deemed not the better parent for her own child.

Involved in the two year struggle of false allegations was a Tracy Roukey recently demoted, who did not advise the mother of her rights at first contact and a CPSW name Kris Geno no longer with the agency, who believes it is ok to help alienate children from their natural parents and her supervisor Tracy Gubbins. Had anyone of these individuals done an investigation in conjunction with their own protocols they would have found the entire case was based upon fraud, contrived by the Father  a special education teacher who hired a Susan Vonderheide Phd. to collaborate his story.

 As such they created; A mother who will never stop searching and exposing the truth and oppressive nature of this very corrupt agency, run by Margaret Bishop who thrives on creating chaos simply, because they are empowered by the United States Government.

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The Important thing is not to stop questioning."  Albert Einstein

         Part two facility where testing took place and is now taking place see:   


  1. I commend you on this excellent post, but in my posting you referred to, the question was,"Is NH DCYF Finally Changing? For Better or Worse?"
    Our NH Legislature has been working tirelessly to stop the corruption within NH DCYF and the Family Court's. The problem I see is Ombudsman Brehm and Ann Rice from the Atty. Generals Office both state DCYF did nothing illegal in many of the cases because their Administrative Rules are NOT Law, so they don't have to abide by them. Well wouldn't the objective then be to make their Administrative Rules Law, so they have to abide by them or face criminal action? Seem's obvious to me. Open Court's are also an obvious solution. No more hiding behind closed door's, railroading innocent parent's, stealing their unabused, un-neglected children. DCYF and the Family Court's Nationwide must be reigned in and held accountable for their deceitful and illegal practices. This is something our Republican Legislature is working on. Family Rights!.
    As for the NH DCYF worker's you mentioned, these names come up all too often in postings around NH. In fact, my own family has experienced the wrath and deceitful practices of these corrupt NH DCYF worker's who are responsible for the illegal removal of my grandchildren and their illegal adoptions, in which I and the NH Legislature possess ALL proof of.
    Your'e right, Never stop questioning and Never stop exposing the truth. One day these unethical worker's will be held accountable. Be vocal and keep on telling the truth. Maybe some day the People will listen!

  2. After reading about Tracy Roukey's demotion and appeal, it boggles my mind as to the reasoning behind the warning's issued in her case and the demotion. Was Tracy Roukey the only Supervisor guilty of the offenses in question? No, she definitely wasn't. In such a case maybe ALL of the Nashua DCYF Supervisors should have been demoted, because they were all guilty of the same offenses. Some even worse.
    This call's for a posting on my blog.

  3. For More Information go to

    A Group for Parents for Label and Drug Free Education is a nationally recognized Non-Profit Organization (501c3) dedicated to parents, caregivers, and children’s rights alike. Incorporated in New York in November 2003, Ablechild is steadily moving toward ensuring that all caregivers are provided with a safe haven, resource center, and support network when faced with issues surrounding subjective psychiatric labels assigned, and drug “treatment” prescribed, to our nation’s vulnerable children.