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Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools Day and Deception

Be ware April Fools Day is here ... in some countries like over the boarder in Canada the practical jokes only go on till 12 noon; here in the United States its all day long. French speaking countries call it "Poisson d'avril' (literally "April's fish"), it appears to be a game played by children where you tape a fish to a persons back and yell "Poisson d'avril".
Being deceived is never fun???  The article below released by the Associated Press this past Friday morning shows it happens in the Art World as well as ... ,well, I guess it happens anywhere you can think of. 

In the 1900's a new term came out in America for the journalist, novelists, and critics much like myself who exposed corruption in the Government, politics, business and my personal favorite the Department of Health and Human Services; that unofficial but official name for those who expose fraud and push for accountability is "Muckraker" cute, right? kinda like they rake through the muck, it is also used for those watchdogs who seek out and publish the truth to push for reform.

Deception has its twists and turns and this article, that came out Friday, has some interesting twists by a rather accomplished artist; while gifted ,why not create your own work, why copy?   Just a bit to entertain you while you try to avoid 4/1/12; this unofficial holiday dates back to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales written and/or published in 1392, one of the characters Chauntecleer, is tricked by a .... yes a

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cunning Fox, no less.

Museum plays April Fools' joke on prolific forger

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Here's to sharing in the fun and sharing how your country or you and your friends celebrate April Fools Day or Fools Day and the date!!

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