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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

NH Legislative Redress Challenge's AG Delaney to prove Accountability

This article that Attorney Delaney is using the same adjectives his Child Protection Workers (CPSW) use to describe parent's demanding their rights. Such as antagonistic, boundaries of authority, all coincidentally identical to the arsenal of toolbox phrases uttered by state workers against parents demanding their due process rights in relationship to their children and simple accountability.  Obviously, this type of power trip starts at the top with Delaney and works its way down and is acted out contrary to state and federal laws through the CPSW towards the parents they railroad behind closed doors.

The Concord Monitor who accepts advertising and large payments from the Department of Health and Human Services of course trivialized the committee's inquiry as simply a "spat between the Speaker O'Brien and AG Delaney" over the following questions, the italics are my suggestions to de-escalate Delaney:

1. Under what DCYF policy does it state slandering parents and family members is allowed in order to place a child in foster care?
What polices does DCYF have in place to prevent state employees from state employees simply slandering parents to get a ruling to place a child in foster care?

With the standard of guilt as "more likely than not" and not beyond a reasonable doubt; perhaps legislators should simply raise the bar to include real evidence the chance to confront the unknown accuser etc.

2. Under what DCYF policy does it state the assessment worker has the right to falsely state in her affidavit that the mother's labor was induced due to complications, when it wasn't induced?

Does DCYF have standard polices and procedures for investigating abuse and neglect under NH RSA 169-C:3-a and in line with  NH RSA 169-C:34 Duties of the Department of Health and Human Services; what mechanism is in place to deter those who abuse discretion and do not follow the protocols by acquiring and relaying real evidence? 

• Under what DCYF policy does the worker have the right to threaten a parent into signing a case plan, telling the parent if she doesn't sign, she will never see her child again?

Does DCYF again same as 2. but additionally, Does DCYF have policies of rewarding social workers for obtaining findings against a parent; that would affect their judgment and coerce or demand that a parent sign a case plan?

Ps. here they do have a bonus merit system; an interoffice memo from an accountable CPSW wouldn't hurt; set up a throw away email account send and close account,erase browsing session and contribute anonymously.

"Delaney told O'Brien he was instructing state employees not to answer the committee's questions because he believed their true purpose was to harass and intimidate" one would have to image that the true purpose of Delaney is continue business as usual and not be accountable for his departments activities or measures to ensure accountability.

For a first hand account of the Press Conference see;

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