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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Questioning Government Ethics - Massachusetts vs. NH

What is happening to Children in Foster Care and/or Children of Parents who are being denied the right to know about the care their child is receiving? The answers are morally and ethically reprehensible.

1.8 million lawsuit settled in 1998 for testing on Children was obviously nothing compared to the income these government run agency's are collecting.

The following links will make the hardest critic question the ethics and moral obligations of the United States and State to State ethics in regards to children! This Child and many other's have been and continue to be treated to Electric Shock Treatments at the Judge Roteberg Center in Canton, Massachusetts. 2010 article Even after this Federal Investigation this place is still open; why? -
"In 1994 the center changed its name to the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center "to honor the memory of the judge [who] helped to preserve [the] program from extinction at the hands of state licensing officials in the 1980’s."[1] It has 900 employees and annual revenues exceeding $56 million, charging $220,000 a year for each student."

New Hampshire and other State's Children drugged

with pharmaceutical cocktails

Testing of Mind Altering Drugs on Children goes on in the Foster Care System, In NH St. Charles Children's Hospital, and Philbrook Center in Concord alleged to be involved as well. After reviewing documents from several families in this state whose children were taken from them, children were sent to the one of these Center's. and /or while in the Care of Social Workers all ended up having some form ADHD; the families swear their children had no behavior problem's prior to State intervention.  These Children may have been upset simply because they were taken from their families; obviously to simple an analogy to be comprehended by alledged professionals.  Many of the parents stated their children where put on Tenex and/or Adderall some were not told what drugs their children were taking; DCYF told them they had custody and could make decisions that the parents were not privy to by Child Protection Workers; they were also told not to share any information about their child's care or their interaction with DCYF or they would be jailed; due to the confidentiality clause they continue to hide behind NH RSA 169-C:25 III. "At present, there has been no experience with long-term Adderall therapy in children. However, other amphetamine-based medications have been known to ... This drug has been used in a medication known as Obetrol, made in the past by Rexar and developed for "diet control." It is a single entity amphetamine and known to be addictive in Adults - why are they giving it to children; because they receive more federal $$$ money when a child is identified as having a disability and in just 20 - 40 years without intervention we will find out the results of those tested; unless we demand answers NOW. Children, are just as likely to become addicted to this drug and many other's for news report's on these issues and other incidents see:

If your child has been needlessly drugged contact  and file a complaint.

Yesterday may have been too early to Act, if it is to be corrected and stopped it is up to us to make sure it is; today is that day; write to congressmen in All States and let them know we are not accepting this abuse, tomorrow is to late.

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