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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Memory Engineering - Intentional Interference in Parental Custody - DCYF - The CIA - Due Process -

What the hell *$%@ is memory engineering? Can and do people present rewards and punishments to control peoples behavior. Of Course parent's do it all the time they reward their children when they go a good job in school they punish them by taking away computer time for bad behavior hitting another etc. By systematically rewarding a behavior, you could reinforce it.

Now take into consideration that Child Protective Services was created, in 1835, by the Humane Society (yes the one for animals) who founded the National Federation of Child Rescue agencies to investigate child maltreatment. In the late-19th century, private child protection agencies were modeled after existing animal protection organizations to advocate for children's welfare.Pecora et al. (1992), pp. 230-31; Petr (1998), p. 126.

So lets say we are training a dog to do tricks - the human society advocates systematically rewarding a behavior, to reinforce it. So did the theory behind "Gardner's" Parental Alienation Syndrome really only come about say "20" years ago? The answer would have to be NO, Child Protection Services workers advocate systematically rewarding a Child's behavior, to reinforce it. This brings us to the damage caused by those corrupt individuals which include some teachers to alter children's memory's.  How do they do that exactly?

Unfortunately, I have a very real scene that shows that while we reinforce good behaviors and that's normal - if we want a child to side with one parent over the other and the Father tells the child that you can not participate in your favorite sport of Track and Field because you "have to see" your Mother; or that you will not be able to come to our Summer home because you "have to see" your Mother; this now becomes a form of Child Abuse because you are systematically penalizing a child's behavior for wanting to see his mother (and/or viseversa) and then you are enforcing it by penalizing a child for wanting to see another parent. Children take their cues about how they should act, speak and react from the people who influence them the most; their parents. In the above scenario the Father. Now what is a child suppose to do it he attends the same school his Father teaches at? If that same father further limits this child's contact with the world around him by say not allowing him/her to give out their home phone number and/or  not allowing a cell phone; how does this child communicate with friends and realize that this is not rational behavior?

This is a type of programming that happens in many abductions of young children and it is INTENTIONAL INTERFERENCE with the parents relationship with that child.  Where does it stop? How does this child get to bond with his other parent, when the Courts give a teacher extra credit for simply being a teacher and that they couldn't possibly be brainwashing a child as presented and verified by others? Now, take a look at teachers across this country simply GOOGLE "teacher arrested" unfortunately these individuals in conjunction with the Child Protection Service Workers who back one parent over another and instill in a child that its ok for you to not to visit your real mother for a weeks at a time because your father has something planned and/or she is not following the rules because she hugged you; its ok for you to call your step-parent mom; another teacher who divided her children from their father in the same systematic approach.   

If the father is a teacher/educator shouldn't he know better?  If its a CPSW and/or child psychologist shouldn't she know better? A community would most often answer yes, these are trusted members of our community, allowing for closed court rooms.  The overwhelming FACTS are no one can be considered a trusted member of society under due process of the law and these court rooms need to be open and our Judges need to be educated not only in the law, but in what is normal behavior and what is not. In NH under RSA 461:A contempt motion is suppose to be heard in 30 days; it hardly ever is parents wait months to get into court and the contempt is furthered because like the father above they are not reined in and we should be furious.

Reading this article about a memory expert's finding will help you understand better:

Unfortunately, this is not new the Soviets, Chinese and Korean Government have all participated in mind control experiments. The United States, is not any different and it has been uncovered in 16,000 pages of mind control documents as part of the CIA's financial history, found here: However, "in 1956 the U.S Department of the Army published a report entitled Communist Interrogation, Indoctrination, and Exploitation of Prisoners of War"  the U.S Department of the Army (15 May 1956). (Pamphlet No. 30-101 ed.). U.S Gov't Printing Office. pp. 17 & 51.which called brainwashing a "popular misconception."  denying the public's right know to laws, because the release of U.S. materials can take up to 40 years we should be very concerned because they are seldom held accountable many times because they are dead by the time the realities are released.

I am just a Mom, but I understand oppression and I know the difference between right and wrong.  Children should have the right to be heard and Judges and others should be able to discern the above with the right questions.

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