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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sean's Story - A Father's Love

This is a story that would befit Plato's teachings "Let parents bequeath to their children not riches, but the spirit of reverence."

A parent divided from their Child, by another parent is intentional interference the parent child relationship and bond - parental alienation and its wrong; this father and son story shows that a parent's love for their child is finally fulfilled after 5 years of numerous trials and tribulations and it covers the Child's adjustments dealing with separation anxiety, and overcoming attachment disorders through therapy and love.  All understandably not an easy road, it is a road that a child and parent continue to build on in their lives together, always looking over their shoulder but, through it all helping other families bring their children home

A child who doesn't know why his father is not in his life, taken to another country and told someone else was his father. Whenever, he asked questions about his real Dad he was denied the real answers, and suppressed his longing to know so he wouldn't be disappointed never knowing his real father was doing everything possible to be in his life. 

This Dateline Story is filled with international suspense, adjustment, a parents determination to never stop fighting for their child and the child's view that it should have never taken as long as it did. Hear the full story by Dateline here
Check out this great MSN video: Preview: 'Sean's Story'

Happiness is in the simple act of children and parent's sharing time together.

In America, parental alienation is an ongoing epidemic directed at both mother's and father's and the courts do not always know what to do or instead hope the situation will correct itself; however, by not enforcing their own orders for visitation or responsibility with sanctions; the courts are hardly making a difference in the best of the child.  This case is a perfect example of what should be done to help children reunite with the estrange parent and work towards keeping a relationship with the alienating parent, it in facts chastises and corrects lower court decisions not promoting the influence of both parents in their children's lives.

Another Child's story is about how a Child should not be lead to feel that unsupervised visits with his mother will fail before they have even started, without a period to adjust McIntosh and McIntosh 226-2000-DM-00927. The father’s behaviors as contained in the court record and in GAL’s report are contrary to the findings in Miller v. Todd (March 31, 2011) where the NH Supreme Court raised the question of and sited the following:

"... whether Todd (like the Father, in the above Matter) has benefited from (his) misbehavior. In Begins v. Begins, 721 A.2d 469, 470-71 (Vt. 1998), the Children’s relationship with their Mother deteriorated following the parents’ separation due to the fact that the Father unfairly blamed her for … problems and made disparaging remarks about her … The trial court concluded that the boys’ hostility toward their Mother, encouraged and fueled by their Father, precluded an award of custody to Mother. Id. at 471. Although the court found that Father did not “deserve to win custody,” it concluded that it had no choice but to award custody to him. Id. (quotations omitted). The Vermont Supreme Court rejected such reasoning. Id. at 472. As the court stated: Although obviously well intended, the court’s decision effectively condoned a parent’s willful alienation of a Child from the other parent. Its ruling sends the unacceptable message that others might, with impunity, engage in similar misconduct. Left undisturbed, the court’s decision would nullify the principle that the best interests of the Child are furthered through a healthy and loving relationship with both parents. Id.; see Mack-Manley, 138 P.3d at 528 (trial court found Children’s best interests not served by ignoring … unsubstantiated Child abuse and neglect allegations); Young, 628 N.Y.S.2d at 963 (trial court’s decision noticeably silent as to … false allegations and it was clear the court failed to consider evidence that …. willfully interfered with a parent’s relationship with the Children)… Vacated and remanded. DALIANIS, C.J., and DUGGAN and CONBOY, JJ., concurred. "

Miller Vs. Todd Full Text here:

Without preserving the parent/child relationship wherever possible the threat to the child's best interests is best highlighted as assessed by Oscar Wilde "Children begin by loving their parents: after a time they judge them; rarely, if ever, do they forgive them."

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