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Saturday, April 7, 2012

America's Almost Invisible Problem

The stories contained throughout my blog are not new or confined to one State they are problems that are across the Country and they denied families the Civil Rights that are purported to be given to citizens of this Nation:

Amy Charron, Houston, Texas Mom
Agrees, with me that it is more than unlikely that Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband took their lives, Senator Schaefer was in the center of uncovering and exposing not only Georgia's indiscretion but that of an entire Nation.

This has more links to other families stories more than 630 from across the country will be providing their updates and cases.

I will be providing more insight into the Department of Health and Human Services and other Government departments that have used these children for experiment's since the days of FDR. As the evidence unfolds, you, like myself will find it morally reprehensible and conscience shocking that these events are occurring in America, because they are increasing similar to those that have occurred under the Hitler regime and countless others in our world history.  The United Nations should be very concerned.

In the words of one of our Presidents Woodrow Wilson; "An invisible empire has been set up above the forms of democracy. ~"

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