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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Governor Lynch and Attorney General Delaney hide behind the Transparency Curtain

If you google "Governor Lynch and Transparency" you will find a surprising amount of article's about his alleged transparency in New Hampshire Government. As a woman my intuition tells me that George Jean Nathan had the right idea he said "What passes for woman's intuition is often nothing more than man's transparency." In this case it's obvious there is none!

The recent article on NH Attorney General Delaney feeling badgered by the Legislative Branch seeking transparency in the Department of Health and Human Services as well as the Department of Children Youth and Families certainly shows that Governor Lynch is just a talker without action as shown below:

Surprised, speculating as to whether or not Lynch actually does not live up to true transparency here are some example's:

Government Reform - Governor John Lynch - Governor Lynch continues to work to improve government through reforming laws, improving efficiency, and increasing transparency. If the Attorney Generals office can't answer questions there is no transparency on Ethic's as purported here by Lynch

Governor Lynch Puts State of New Hampshire Monthly Spending ... Jun 18, 2010 – CONCORD - As part of Governor John Lynch's continuing efforts to improve state government transparency and accountability, the State of ... Any minor accountant can tell you without debits/credits income/expenses shown the Governor's office can't offer transparency

Priorities and Initiatives | New Hampshire Governor John Lynch  Governor Lynch has established four major initiatives; Economy, Healthcare, ... through reforming laws, improving efficiency, and increasing transparency. Again,only one side the government side is shown

John Lynch - Taxes Governor Lynch has put his business experience to work reforming state government, reducing state spending, increasing efficiency and transparency, and ... Again,only one side the government side is shown where have taxes been decreased to reflect the reduction in state spending, efficiency and/or transparency?

Governor Lynch Ignores Transparency Obligations - Save the New ... Oct 21, 2010 – Governor Lynch Ignores Transparency Obligations. Campaign ads running in the Governor's race suggest that John Lynch is a "very nice man. Nice men don't always tell the truth

Governor Lynch's Claims That He Has Been Open and Transparent ... ...Mar 18, 2011 –
Claims and Reality are two different forms of identifying transparency

Governor Lynch's Claims That He Has Been Open and Transparent on the JUA is Not Supported By Fact. Reproduced below is a letter from the ... New Hampshire - Transparency Projects  It would help if the public was actually able to see results with the tools provided here

Transparency Projects ... New Hampshire Transparency Sources ... Gov. Lynch Announces Increase In Unemployment Benefits For NH Citizens · Gov.
New Hampshire Institute for Health Policy and Practice - Patrick ... ...information technology and exchange to support Governor Lynch's Executive Order. He currently leads the Initiative's transparency reporting efforts focused on ... a newly updated site

Governor Lynch Gives Final State of the State Address: Full ... 31, 2012 –
Governor Lynch Gives Final State of the State Address: Full Transcript ... our commitment to citizen involvement, democracy and transparency. Now from the above it is obviously that Lynch is not providing transparency

New Hampshire state government salary - Sunshine Review Governor, $113834, John Lynch ... The salary of New Hampshire's governor ranks 35th among U.S. governors' salaries. ... The state's transparency website launched in December 2010 includes a page to search what each state employee is ... This is actually useful especially in divorces when one side may want to be as transparent as the States Governor...

Write Lynch and tell him to address the Redress of Greivance Concerns and let him know I said:
"Transparency is not the same as looking straight through a building: it's not just a physical idea, it's also an intellectual one. Helmut Jahn, World Famous Architect  


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