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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Child Switched at Hospital - Records disappear with DCYF

Below is a link to one of the many cases; I reviewed for State Legislators; the results of which show an encounter with the department of children youth and families and to no ones surprise the records that would collaborate and for which a grandparent is entitled to under NH RSA 169-C are refusing to release the records. 

Furthermore, during the course of the proceeding's against the mother, it should be abundantly clear to anyone reviewing the information that she could hardly have harm her child prior to taking her home from the hospital after her birth; consequently she was also refused records which would have proven the falsification's in taking her child away from her protective care.

Another, equally disturbing quality in this matter is the use of a Hitler like tactic to take the child away from the mother.  To the best of my recollection they didn't state that she hurt the child in any way.  They instead deemed and charge her with doing harm in the future. Some of your may recall Minority Report, with Tom Cruise where in the future a police unit is able to arrest murderers before they commit their crimes, it didn't play out well.  Now, DCYF's under the guise of being fortune tellers as well as social workers can guide the court into a the destruction of a family based purely on speculation of it happening in the future; seriously the mentality of some of these people is clearly unchecked for reality; much like Hitler.

Check here to see how this grandmother acquired evidence to show that the STATE OF NH wrongly took away her rights and those of her young daughter:


  1. Great post. It's about time people start fighting for their rights of their illegally stolen children. From what I've read, there's a very good chance the adoptive parent's and the crack baby's parent's have the wrong children seeing as the Hospital never documented the switch and DNA testing was never done. Boy, this has opened one huge can of worm's. The adopter's should have known better than to ever trust DCYF. Now they could be in for the time of their lives.

  2. Thank you for helping to UNCOVER the INJUSTICES behind DCYF and the Family Court System and PLEASE urge other parents to bring their complaints forward to the Legislators for Redress AND comment here.