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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NH Attorney General's Office covering for New Hamsphire DCYF: Speculation or Fact

Two recent motions indicate that Rebecca Woodard, attorney for the Civil Division of the New Hampshire Attorney Generals office is in fact covering for the Department of Children Youth and Families in New Hampshire by stating that they have now lost evidence, from an earlier case.

This is just another typical tool in their toolbox of not following court orders; one that must be mentioned here due to the threats made against the mother because she is pursuing not only custody, but a civil suit against the State of NH, DCYF.

These bullies (for lack of a better descriptive) expect the public to tolerate what they are doing; denying parent's rights and appeasement to the population by moderate expansion; as seen in the limitations of open courts New Hampshire.

The motions below contain just a brief overview of the discrepancies in an ever widening abuse ring call the Department of Children Youth and Families; they claim to be acting in the best interest of the child; when in fact they only act to preserve their own self serving interests.

1. The mother's motion for production of previously ordered court records which are held open for 7 years:

2. The State's Objection to the mother's motion: 

3. The mother's response and objection to the State:

If you have been denied evidence in a proceeding with the State; please write to to voice your concern and be heard or feel free to leave a comment. If you want to know what your rights are go here type in the type of case or an RSA # (RSA mean Revised Statue Annotated) this is the state site.

If you are involved in a DCYF case be sure to have a full motion ready such as in #1 to obtain all records in the matter to protect you and your family; moreover, use this case CRAWFORD v. WASHINGTON to push to be able to confront your anonymous accuser; you may find they are in fact imaginary.

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  1. This isn't the first time Attorney Woodard has covered for NH DCYF, but hopefully she will be stopped. She, DCYF and the Family Court's hold back files and CD's all the time, making sure their dirty little secret's kept hidden. The only way to stop the abuse of innocent families is to open ALL Secret Court's. Someone need's to hold them accountable for their deceitful practices and you are doing a great job at uncovering their fraud! Keep up the good work!