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Friday, March 30, 2012

4. Due Process - Historical turnaround In NH Court System

Use "Snark" definition included (see #1.), in your motion, as in the example below; and you will receive the fastest turnaround possibly ever in the NH Court System!! This motion  full copy in sec. "3. Due Process" was submitted to the Nashua Superior Court on Friday the 23rd of March 2012 just after 2:00pm date stamp on first page; just before 4:00pm that same day on a regular and not expedited motion it was ruled on allegedly by Justice Ryan somewhere within that 2 hour period before they close for the day and a weekend no less: (see document in #2) as shown on the 2nd page by his signature; where it also states cc: 3/26/12; and then on 3/26/12 as shown on the date stamp of the item being mailed; the motion and Justice's note were simply copied without a clerks note and deposited into the envelope and mailed. Now, that is historical diligence in the NH Court System.

(1.) snark·y/ˈsnärkē/
      Adjective: (of a person, words, or a mood) Critical; cutting; testy. More info   
      » - - Merriam-Webster - The Free Dictionary
Now, we're off to see the ... the Supreme Court of NH and possibly the United States 1st District Court; because of course the Court denied it, possibly because the law and rules of the Court itself very clearly states a parent is entitled to records in their court case (see #3 here); whether it's open or closed and possibly for some other unknown disclosed reason, I have to wonder if he or someone else even read it.
(2.) Order on Motion to Reconsider click here:

(3.) Guidelines for Public Access to Court Records in New Hampshire:

In the end though history shows as stated by Antiphanes in or about about 408 to 334 BCE that in the course of things "Everything yields to diligence" so onward we go through the virtue of hard work; rather, than the sin of careless sloth.

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  1. This just doesn't seem like something Judge Ryan would write. The actions in these cases seem to be unscrupulous!