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Monday, August 19, 2013

NH Gov. Slippery Slope updated

"A fraudulent intent, however carefully concealed at the outset, will generally, in the end, betray itself." Livy

NH RSA 329-B -3  - Mental Health Board...

This board now includes the  HEINOUS AND LETHAL


NOMINATED BY - Maggie Hassan, Governor of NH (d) on  7/10/13  without public notice because...

(coincidentally the same day the Supreme Court denied a Plaintiff's appeal against Vonderheide; on appeal to a higher court.)

The Executive Council & Governor CONFIRMED HER on 7/24/13 

Now how to get her out, complain to legislators and let them know that the Executive Council and Governor are not giving adequate public notice on the agenda at meetings, apparently in a sole effort to exclude the public's participation...

The Secretary of State Site Runs the Website and when "Kuzma" (?) a girl whose name was hard to hear called me back from the Governors office, 603-271-2121; she became very defensive when she was asked about the due diligence she performed in her record check, she said you mean like google? No, more like her standing in the mental health community. She said had she had someone recommend her (David Gottesman, Nashua (D))  (the operative word being  "one" recommendation and no public right to recommend or voice their opinion against her.) She further stated that she had called the Mental Health Board, who reported to her that there was not one founded complaint against her.  But did you actually go down and look to see how many complaints were filed? I was like really when you go there you actually find out how many are listed, and someone from our team found a several; in fact, having assisted in writing several, that would appear to be another slippery slope by the mental health board, choosing it's words carefully and not disclosing the truth.    She also stated that there's nothing we can do about it now.  This is the form nominee's file out curiously you must be a democratic it's pre-checked as forwarded to me by Jennifer Kuzma of Governor Hassan's office. 

Mental Health in this state has little to NO LAWS governing them so no use bothering to complain to the Ministry of Mag. I mean the NH Executive Council about poor mental health professionals because Voldemort er I mean Vonderheide is in until 7/1/15.  We will be watching to make sure she is not re-appointed ... and looking for a way to get her out asap - this woman alone has had numerous complaints filed against her, not including my civil suit, at least two medical billing complaints, 1 business who dropped her from their employee assistance program for fraud, and 4 other mothers who complained they heard more about her life and their kids were not able to speak out about why they were there.  Moreover, with all of these complaints not one was acted upon by the mental health board, yet - but it's coming. Seriously if people go to those lengths to complain; the problem would be with ... really you decide, no one goes to that much trouble to file a written complaint.

Now Hassans involved in challenging the legislators to review the ethics in relationship to Senator Bragdon's new conflicts of interests as the CEO of a quasi-government agency that receives not only federal assistance voted on by him, but state assistance voted on by him and it realistically pads his pocket.  And just in case that revealing article disappears it's copied here, and shows Hassan as bias and aiding in a conflict of interest, she says uncharted territory. Really? hardly; 

...Hassan quoted as stressing New Hampshire has a good tradition of its volunteer legislators declaring conflicts in advance of taking up legislation... but stopped short of saying Bragdon should resign his Senate seat... "it will be a “challenge” for Bragdon to juggle his work on behalf of citizens in Senate District 11, while leading one of the largest public government insurance risk pools in the country."  Looks like John Stephens again and we ended up paying 35.8 million back to the federal government in medicaid fraud back because of him.  How much do you think Bragdon will cost us in the long run?  Hassan also quoted as  “I think it is always good to look at the ethics code. I am sure this experience will form that discussion,” looks like Morse a Republican could take up that seat and since Hassan also created a board to review legislative ethics last Month; if would appear she was fully aware of Bragdon's conflicts, hardly ethical. 

Hassan is also quoted in this article as stating "it’s too early to know whether last week’s tragedy at the Manchester YWCA, where a man killed his 9-year-old son and himself, exposed a hole in state laws regarding gun possession by the mentally ill or regulation of nonprofit child centers that host these visits between parents who are locked in stressful custody battles."   (Their reason for being there is hardly to do with custody battles; since that awful event; Director of Programs at that YWCA, Katie Schelzel states: Yes, after a leave of absence following the incident on 8/11, I made the decision to resign and change fields for the sake of my mental health and happiness.  

That's the point isn't it? Following regulations, actually having ethical considerations, ensuring peoples safety. But not Hassan, Schelzel, Bragdon or the YWCA whose policies where not followed this is what their policies were suppose to have been since 2009 the article states at the end..

GOP legislative leaders insist this move runs afoul of a 2012 law requiring that the Legislature approve any state steps to accommodate the national health care law.

Hassan is then quoted as stating “We wouldn’t want to be telling nonprofits in this state what kind of federal grants they should apply for,” 

RIGHT ESPECIALLY when Bragdon's is a Death Eater, I mean Democratic who is the CEO of the "new" nonprofit and holds the top spot at the senate; even if he does step down - if it's not out the door it's an issue.   And whose on that 9 person panel she appointed? If the form looks like this one, we can see how it will turn it.

The New Hampshire Government and Judicial System is starting to look a lot like the world of Harry Potter...; seriously with draconian laws, and or a disregard for the ones in place coming into play; like the recent one banning a mother from praying at her children's school, even silently. So now they are going to control what you think, that's an unforgivable curse in any world ...  

"Indifference to me, is the epitome of all evil." Elie Wiesel

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