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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Monica Zulauf and the unnamed supervisor of the Manchester, NH Visitation Center  the only male; did not protect and/or provide safe visits for this child and his mother, these are the unanswered questions when the REAL facts are coupled with it.  

1. What did the counselor, the only male at the facility do to stop the father who was able to get off several shots? Nothing he clearly "escaped" as reported by the Amherst Patch

2.  How did Zulauf fail? She made this quote to the Nashua Telegraph 

Telegraph Quote: 

“I’d like to see 15 layers of security and safety, but people are going to commit an act of violence, who are committed to committing a homicide, they’re going to do it,” she said. “You can do as much as you can, reasonably, but this man was determined.”
Zulauf said it’s likely Savyon went through a metal detector during some previous visits, but it is not clear if he did Sunday. She said the center uses the metal detector “sporadically, but often.”

 Guidelines which the NH State Department of Health and Human Services must have established to be followed and to receive federal money State - 

YWCA visitation center is grant funded all of which come with specific criteria that must be met and was not in this case.  

pg. 7 they assured the mother when they did visits that they would ensure the safety of her and her son but couldn't be responsible if something happened.  

There own rules and Welcome Packet

To enhance the safety of all Center participants and staff, all guidelines must be followed. The Center cannot guarantee the safety of an individual. However, we do make it the first priority when conducting a visit. Our safety mechanisms include:

Surveillance system used to monitor the entryway and each room within the Center;

Separate entrances, hallways, and waiting areas;

Qualified Center staff and when necessary, Manchester Police Officers on site during visits;

Established protocol with the local police for crisis situations;

Operations in compliance with “best practice” standards and guidelines by the New Hampshire Family Visitation & Access Cooperative and National Supervised Visitation Network;

Zero tolerance for domestic violence and/or ill-mannered behavior of any kind;

Zero tolerance for use of drugs and/or alcohol before and during visitations and exchanges.

What went wrong. Ethics a lack of them. 

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