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Friday, September 7, 2012

DMVC Productions announces the 1st release of Fairy Tale Access

New TV Series Announcement


DMVC Productions director, Denise-Marie McIntosh, Head Fairy and Independent Research Paralegal shares her quest for unraveling fairy tales in actual time, rather than once upon a time, hosting a new series Fairy Tale Access 1st release found here: interview with Shriners Hospital for Children, a patient and Captain Hook discovering Shriners ... "Love to the Rescue".

Over ten episodes are currently in the works, and as of 8/25/12 four have been pre-recorded. Fairy Tale Access will show viewers that Fairy Tales do exist in Actual time, rather than once upon a time.

From the classic character introduction to real life fairy tales in the making, these shows will inspire even the most cynical non-believer into believing in … Fairy Tales. Fairy Tale Access will search beyond the standards of absolute and universal application; we will weigh in and re-think the possibilities regarding the nature of Fairy Tales.

Each episode is a quest, access requires participation, and participation requires observing, reading and asking questions. The possibilities? They are endless … packed full of informative information for viewers, as the expert researcher and Head Fairy, Denise-Marie creates new measurements and perceptions that viewers can relate to, and resources that they or someone one they know can use in their own lives, as well as revealing the inspiration and contributors behind the Nashua, NH Fairy Tale Festival, sharing her passion for creating entertaining and thought provoking venues, asking questions and seeking the possibilities.

Denise-Marie said: “I was very excited when I was approached by Access Nashua to create shows that extend past the Nashua, NH Fairy Tale Festival. It will be a great opportunity to share with the Access Nashua viewers what I love about fairy tales, research, literacy and seeking out the possibilities - taking inspiration from real life experiences, and creating interactive, informative and appealing programs. Each program is very different in its own way and there are lots of ideas that I hope will inspire everyone.”

The series will begin weekly during the week of September 2, 2012. The first four in the series will introduce you a variety of connections. The first set of connections occurs between Captain Hook, Shriners Hospitals for children and a vivacious 7 year-old girl and her parents. The second in the series will introduce you to connections between a mermaid, a young woman, a school teacher and Autism Awareness. The discoveries on the Head Fairy’s quest, promise to astound you, but only if you to tune in to "access" the possibilities.

Fairy Tale Access is a DMVC Production for Access Nashua. The Executive Producer is Denise-Marie Cutter McIntosh aka The Head Fairy. It was commissioned by Access Nashua Director Dick Gagnon.
If you have a story you would like to share contact Denise-Marie at

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