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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fairy Tales, City Officials & Court's clashing...

It started to unravel when the Old Man in the Mountain couldn't show his face here anymore. The old boy's network instead created a memorial to a rock.  Not unusual here in New Hampshire, like a weed sucking the life out of the very forests they claim to want to protect.  These good ole boys and girls started fishing for federal dollars and bigger pay off's and everyone else's loss became their gain.  

It started with the Head Fairy's quest in Nashua,  to promote literacy, giving you the tools to move forward, your imagination and ability to read.  In the process she gifted you with access to those everyday heroes young and old making a difference everyday in some amazing and meaningful ways.  While also altering you to some of the monsters lurking among us by giving you access beyond the abyss to fairy tale's unraveling in real-time of course, with happy endings within reach.  

On that startling comet ride she met an unhappygrammy, who voiced concern over the foxes intrusion into her home, beyond the borders of its own forest and hunting grounds of course.  They didn't try to kill her little red riding hood; they sold her - all under the guise of the best interest of who? ...all miserable wretches and gnomes without conscience struggling to make themselves meaningful. 

On the lighter side but still in varying shades of red, people have long been complaining about getting tickets at meters throughout the state even when they knew they had time or were within minutes of refilling meters.  Well to confront this tariff out of the Merry Woods of New Hampshire to address this matter is of course the Robin Hooders of Keene to the rescue! 

This is what is unraveling right now in the newest plight of Robin Hooders in Keene NH. Their adventures, include using video cameras to catch some of these "state workers" in the act of their job or ... ? Well it looks like Keene doesn't want you to know because they actually took the trouble to identify our Robin Hooders and sue them and request that they are not within 50 feet of state workers.  Sue them for not using swords, not breaking the law, not causing a problem, but because they did a good deed and used coins to save motorists from parking tickets. Really, Keeners that's how you are going to allow your tax dollars to be spent!?!

Beware Keene City Officials, the references to the deeds of Robin Hood and his followers reach back to 1228 insuring that if someone wants to do something nice and/or right a wrong they will oust those standing for  power and greed, possibly in their next election. 

Keep up the Great Work Robin Hoods, we are hoping more characters come out of the woods to parry with various foes and continue to unravel more fairy tales happening in real-time...

See you know who is watching...and remember you define you - you do not want to lose face like the old man in the mountain it's a sign of the times, NH is experiencing public disgrace in it's elected and appointed officials. 

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