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Thursday, July 1, 2010

DMVC - Ms. McIntosh - Background

Denise-Marie is the creative force behind DMVC Productions. 

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DMVC Productions was created in 1988 as a marketing tool for the Chicopee Lions Club's first annual fashion show event. Following the 1st event an unexpected opportunity presented itself through Mr. Yee of the HuKe Lau restaurant in Western Massachusetts, and an opportunity to raise awareness was established for non-profit organizations to raise awareness and funding for their organization.  This venue gave many performers, models, actors and spokespeople the opportunity to discover and develop their talents and perform in front of audiences ranging from 250 to 5500 in attendance.

Ms. Cutter’s career in community service started at the young age of 14.  Growing up in a loving family who opened their home for foster brothers and sisters, whose families were struggling with everything from false allegations to domestic violence.  This experience would lead her to appeal and advocate for children to have their own lawyers at time when it did not exist in Massachusetts; and furthered her career as a young women to work in residential children’s programs where DMVC Productions would meet a new need. 

Children in residential programs were introduced to volunteerism by participating in a community event.  Whether they chose to be a performer or a production assistant, they were able to see beyond the obstacles they had feared would hold them back. In an environment where no one knew where they were from or what they survived, they thrived and the possibilities became endless. 

In 1997, Ms. Cutter married and became Mrs. McIntosh feeling on top of the world where, no one could have predicted that this seemingly great couple would end up divorced.  Never mind, that the end was due to Domestic Violence - where a husband who admitted to strangling his wife would ultimately get custody after years of litigation and several hundred thousand dollars between the attorneys.    The tragic twist is that the division of children and families became involved and while they deemed the father should have custody of their child without finding her unfit; they thought the mother could continue to care for more foster children and offered more instead of removing them. 

Ms. McIntosh, was of course devastated – while always having an interest in the law - she had dreamed of having her own loving family, being a mom and helping her husband achieve his goals while staying home with the children.  Dreams can turn into nightmares when hope is lost. However, Ms. McIntosh would not give up.  As a volunteer in the Israel Army and one who was brought up in a great home, she was not going to be brought down by bureaucrats who held hidden agendas and who had more issues then the people they claimed to be helping.

To understand what went so wrong in her case, Mrs. Ms. McIntosh interviewed with the coordinator of the paralegal program at Nashua Community College Professor and Attoney Robert Lubitz to become a student.  One of the questions asked by this highly articulate Professor and Attorney was why do you want to enter the legal profession? To which Ms. McIntosh replied a, "100,000 dollar divorce, and I think this might be cheaper."  The Professor’s reply was along the lines of… these courses are designed to offer a career.  To which Ms. McIntosh replied with conviction that if she was accepted into the program, he would find that not only would she be a dedicated student but that her organizational skills acquired through years of marketing and her ability to multi-task would aid in making her an outstanding Paralegal. During the course of her studies at NCC tried to prove herself  and her appreciation of being allowed in the program by maintaining high grades while working two to three jobs; creating a fundraiser and continuing legal education course on Domestic Violence which was approved by the NH Bar and Supreme Court rules for 6 credits and a full 1 credit in ethics; the results of which achieved a 95% approval rating.   

Ms. McIntosh is an advocate for children and family rights; and attended the American College of History and Law accepted with a full scholarship in her junior year to pursue her JD, and ensure what happened in her case never happens again. With a emphasis on mothers and children escaping from domestic violence; fraud issues in business and government; and not limited to the abuse found throughout the department for children youth and family's.  In sharing experience's and searching for and exposing the truth; it is with the sincere hope that not only does her son know she did everything possible to be a part of his life, it was all because she loved him and never stopped; it is also for all the people who helped her along the way family and friends and those people who likely didn't even know they were doing so; Professors like Attonrey Lubitz, Andrea Defusco-Sullivan and Dean Mooney & Professor Chesson as well as the legislators who pushed her to take on research and do more; in appreciation she hopes to give back to someone else who needs that little extra sense of self that it can be done, nothing is impossible when you stand up for what you believe in.

Today, Denise-Marie, is producing a series called Fairy Tale Access and it's the place where fairy tales are unraveled in actual time, rather than once upon a time.