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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Fraud Email virus that ...

Attacks your computer for personal information 

Looks like 


 To: (129.3 KB)

Download | Remove katrinaweberkatrinaw... + Add to Address Book

During the last weeks, facebook was attacked so you are required to open the attached application. This will generate a safe connection to our servers and your computer will be trusted. We are attempting to reach all of our members urgently but we have limited emailing capacity. Our company will be very thankful if you could transmit the attached file to your contacts and relatives ASAP.

1. email does not say @ comcast or your server 

2. email from facebook would be generated by facebook 

2. poor grammar in email 

To report Scams and/or Injury go to the FBI scams site and/or 

If you receive unsolicited e-mail offers or spam, you can

forward the messages to the Federal Trade Commission

The links embedded are not from comcast or your server even though it may have their  name in it.   Be proactive they are out moving fast don't be a victim Just delete and/or hit spam.

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