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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Injustice within N.H. and the United States ...

At first glance, this Civil Matter looks like...

"A cat fight between Denise-Marie McIntosh, part of the 1st wives club and Lori Ayotte-(Wilson)-McIntosh ...wife number 2"; in actuality it has very little to do with the way it is depicted and her affair, and everything to do with an American System that is corrupt and unaccountable to the public it is allegedly supposed to serve.   

This blog "Legally Accessible - Not so Much" will take you through the journey of one mother's plight against a system that is corrupt and evil to the core.

Uncovering the truth, is not just a quest for knowledge, it is a quest that cleared her name, exposed people who knowingly and maliciously meant to cause her and her son harm and who were and continue to be  empowered by a N.H., U.S. State Government Department called the Dept. of Children, Youth and Families; characters who are encouraged to act under the color of law.  

The destination was and continues to be, to let one little boy now becoming a young man, know, that no matter what, his mother's determination, resolve, and perseverance, in the face of adversity and discrimination was all because of her Love for her only Child.  

The results, are still unraveling but the journey has helped others, so that what happen here never happens again, but without the Justice systems ability to hold these people accountable, families will continue to be indiscriminately torn apart facing adverse circumstances that as non-attorney's untrained in the art of the law  and not empowered by knowing what their rights are; will continue to cripple the next generation.  

It is about leaving a trail, where none existed and accepting help in places where you never thought it would come from, while swallowing fear and using your voice to make a difference, a 1st amendment right in this country that the NH RSA 169-C seeks to suppress.  

Happily Ever After, it has its obstacles but making people aware of them is how they are overcome. 

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