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Friday, October 12, 2012

Another Reason to Vote yes for NH Constitutional Amendment

Marital Masters on their Way Out but....are the scales between corruption/money and real justice balanced?

Apparently not, here is another example of the Old boys network in NH.  Supreme-Court-AO-2012-08 describes how these marital masters who were appointed with 3 year terms will get a great benefit package at the cost of indigent families being denied an attorney in NH RSA 169-C cases and no supplemental payments for Guardian Ad litems in NH RSA 461-A cases.

Keep an eye and ear open for recommended appointments of Marital Masters to Judges positions with the approval of the Executive Council  not all of them but many do not deserve it.  If you have had an adverse experience with a marital master that is being considered for a Judicial appointment  go to the meeting and simply sign in, to have an opportunity to be heard - bring any documentation with you; please, please go you will save so many more families heartache, by ensuring they are not appointed, check nominations here.

When you read through the order above, please note that it takes awhile for legislators to get a bill through the house; they started this one in 2011 to get rid of the reappointments of marital masters and the Judicial Branch in a blatant effort to cover their comrades, over the people they are suppose to serve as stated in the first paragraph issued this order NH Supreme Court Administrative order 2011-05 which starts right off with "The anticipated legislative appropriation" instead of looking for ways to protect the community they are suppose to serve, they are as always only looking to protect each other.

Anyone who has ever tried to submit a judicial conduct complaint knows that it will yield no results; the reason why? Is because they are governed by the rules made by the Supreme Court,  which is why we need to vote yes for the constitutional amendment enabling the legislative branch to take back rule-making authority from the courts of NH.

The Judicial branch is suppose to enforce laws not make rules to get around them.

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