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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Checks & Balances make it simple stupid

When a piece such as, this is unsigned;it should simply be ignored. 

(above link to telegraph article communicating mis-information about what they think the separation of powers is.) 

The Legislative branch is creating a check and balance system against the Judicial Branch, 

because they are out of control and do not follow their own rules and their answer to when 

this happens surrounds "each Judge has the discretion to move away from the rules" which 

is simply causing havoc. 

CACR 26 is a check and balance against the Judicial Branch, one which should have never 

been given away in the first place. The same way the Courts rule that some laws passed by 

the legislative branch are unconstitutional. CACR 26 checks and balances the Judicial branch 

creating accountability. Ignore the rhetoric and look at the basics. 

Because the next time someone is complaining about the Judicial system, it might 

be someone you don't know, or it may be you.

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