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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rights of Parents with Disabilities and Their Children

This is America right? The land of equal rights, however what you believe to be equal rights must be questioned when things like the following occur and when reviewing these points keep in mind what Galileo once said "All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them."

 First you have to wonder what the hell is going on when the President of the United States assigns a committee to look into how parents with disabilities and their children are being treated. See their full report here it isn't pretty Rocking-the-Cradle-Ensuring-the-Rights-of-Parents-with-Disabilities-and-Their-Children Parents with even minimal disabilities are having their children stripped from their care without valid reasoning.

On top of it in NH every single parent is at a disadvantage because the Supreme Ct. has decided it will no longer even give them the lack lustrous lawyers it once did; these parent's disability stems from not understanding the legal system and while behind closed doors they are deprived by overzealous social workers and dysfunctional Judges who togehter are destroying the American Family.

Furthermore, when women like myself and these women are discriminated against, because we actually speak out against the oppression we faced as shown in this NOW Foundation Files Amicus Brief in Domestic Violence Case where a women was charge $350,000 for disclosing abuse by her husband it is a clear message that the male dominated judicial system is telling us to shut up and take it. Hardly equal rights.

In these cases America has become what it set out not to be "an oppressive dictatorship run in large part my white males" and the point is to expose them for what they are. Not much has changed from 2011 ... but with a little bit of effort we can certainly hope that the recent election favoring the previously oppressed, who are now represented in the House of Representatives; a government body that actually put in a women's room on the house floor only as recently as 2011 it's a politifact; of course they were put in by a "John" US Speaker John Boehner, the fact that his wife must be very cool and he has two daughters and is a practical republican surely played a role. But really we had to wait that long.

Don't wait for the doors of Due Process to be slammed closed in your face - "Great occasions do not make heroes or cowards; they simply unveil them to the eyes of men. Silently and imperceptibly, as we wake or sleep, we grow strong or weak; and at last some crisis shows what we have become." Brook Foss Westcott  

Ps. these abusers get the children and hold them in captivity they are denied normal relationships with friends, denied the right to speak freely and given a laundry list of do and don't's is that the next generation, is that all we are capable of giving them?  

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  1. Nashua DCYF and the Family Courts are known for treating the disabled unfairly.
    At the time XXXXXXXX was taken, my daughter was also disabled. A Recovering addict is considered disabled by law.
    Anxiety, panic disorders, OCD, PTSD and Depression are also disabilities. She has them all.
    After being diagnosed with Sheehan Syndrome after XXXXXXXX was born, the CASA worker Colleen Kershaw stated to me my daughter wouldn't be able to take care of her child because she was so sick. I told her I would help with my grandchild. Colleen told me she and DCYF did NOT want me and my family helping her. She
    had to do it on her own. She and DCYF wanted her to get her own apartment and take care of the baby alone.
    My daughter was also discriminated against in Court. She was court-ordered out of Methadone treatment, which was illegal.
    Please check out the link- -Medication Assisted Treatment-Federal Laws.
    See Page 72-
    My daughter was denied entrance into Nashua Pastoral Cares transitional housing program because she was on Methadone.
    She was also denied entrance into Odyssey House because she was on Methadone.
    See Pages 82 and 83-
    The Court is bound by ADA, Title II.
    They may not single out individuals in MAT (Methadone Assisted Treatment) and require them to stop taking legal
    Medications as part of course of treatment.

    Please see:
    Page 12-
    Child Welfare System. May judges, prosecuting attorneys, and others in the child
    welfare system require parents to end their participation in MAT in order to get their
    children back or to keep their children?
    No. Courts and other government agencies may not single out people in MAT
    and require them to stop taking legally prescribed medications. Such a
    requirement would be no different than telling an insulin-dependent, diabetic
    parent that she may not have her children back unless she stops taking insulin
    and addresses her diabetes through nutrition and exercise alone. Courts may,
    however, require people in MAT to comply with treatment requirements.
    I gave this booklet to the Committee.
    My daughter was also denied the admittance of evidence to prove her innocence
    and denied the right to testify and present witnesses to testify in her favor.

    My other daughter was discriminated against also. She's Bipolar, has anxiety and depression.
    She was also in a rehabilitative program when her rights were terminated.
    I contacted then NH AG Kelly Ayotte, Charlie Bass and everyone else I could think of, believing they would help. No-one did and why would they when DCYF works for them?