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Monday, January 21, 2013

Accountability Guns Responsibility ... Who's?

NH and other states are failing the Public and our Children …why because across the country there is not tight control surrounding Gun Owners Accountability and Responsibility. 

When it comes to gun control, the statistics show that every day, over 30 Americans are murdered with guns as shown by stats with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention 

In 2011, NH completed 90, 984 background checks for gun permits; among prohibited purchasers would be those who have mental health issues.  In NH they were obviously over looked, the total amount of mental health records recorded during the same time frame shows a fatal gap only two (2). 

The Judicial System in NH is dangerous to the public it serves when  people such as Nationally Recognized Mental Health Professional Romulo Valdez can obtain a get out of jail free card for their mentally ill children, Valdez works with a large portion of the public including the VA, his adult daughter Adrienne Valdez attacked two police officers, her mother, her brother with a knife and brutally attacked two EMT’s over the course of a couple of months; her Attorney pled meds caused her actions. So we have to included those medications that cause this behavior on the application for gun permits and deny them. 

Otherwise, people like A. Valdez can get a gun because people like her father R. Valdez and former Hillsborough County Attorney Robert Walsh  feel that people with mental illness or perhaps father's who completed psych assessments the way a state prosecutor wants them to go, can simply have a get out of jail free card.  

Ms. Valdez had at least two felony's charges against her and was let off due to her father's position, felony’s dropped to a misdemeanor, then transferred to the Mental Health Court and this past December 2012 while attending School for Law in Mass., Ms. Valdez walked out of mental health court with no clear evidence that she is a safe person and not a threat to the public she will interact with, does this women's mental health report exist with records that would go against her obtaining a Gun Permit? No. 

We need to be concerned about people like the above who call themselves professionals, because the statistics show that NH failed to block gun sales to prohibited purchasers whose mental health records are not in the system, because the total amount of mental health records recorded during the same time period was two (2).

We need tougher guns laws, it’s not like we will ever ban them entirely, no abridgment to the 2nd Amendment which was made when there were no automatic weapons, there are over 270,000,000 in civilian hands now; that is not counting what is in our military’s and law enforcement's hands. 

If you want to own a gun you need to be responsible and accountable, whether you fire it or someone uses your gun - you are responsible for not taking measures to make sure it is locked up. 

Have American's truly lost sight of the value of life? How many more children have to die before you realize tighter measures on gun applications are needed.  

Demand Action - Demand a Plan Sign the Petition and/or get the stats here.  

"Be the Difference you want to see in the World" Gandhi 

Ask more questions, demand accountability, demand responsibility, demand action do not let what happened in Newtown, Ct. happen again. 

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