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Saturday, January 26, 2013

FaceBook Users Beware of New Fraud


1) The Email
"legalnotice" <> 
2) Class Actions Do Not Ask for your Banking Information as shown below

3) The Case Name - There is no court associated with it

4) The page for your private information - is not secure

5) The Case Number & or Name does not show up under the PDF alleged court 

I emailed a letter to the attorney whose name was listed to verify whether or not the case is his and I am waiting for a response. 

#2 & 4  Banking Information Request Page
Top of Form


If any payment is made, I wish to receive it electronically, by ACH (Automated Clearing House).
Please provide:

Bank Routing Number: 

Bank Account Number: 

Bank Institution: 

Name on Account
(if different from displayed): 

The illustration below is to help you identify your Routing and Account Number. If you still are unsure which number on your check is which, please contact your financial institution.
Bank Info

If any payment is made, instead of receiving payment electronically by ACH, I wish to receive payment by a paper check sent to myself at the address input on the previous pages.

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