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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

NH Office of Legislative Budget Assistant - AUDIT DEMANDED

Audit NH DCYF AND The Family Courts!-Contact the NH LBA Audit Division

New Hampshire LBA:

Please Contact the NH Legislative Budget Assistant and demand an Audit of NH DCYF AND the Family Courts!

Office of
Legislative Budget Assistant
107 North Main Street
State House, Room 102
Concord, NH 03301-4906
(603)271-3161- Budget Division
(603)271-2785- Audit Division

New Hampshire Families are being abused by NH DCYF and the Family Court's. Our children are being kidnapped and placed in the homes of stranger's, chosen by DCYF without following Federal mandates. A few other States have already begun auditing, finally realizing the harm Child Protective Services is bestowing upon children and families. The Families of NH have been requesting an Audit for the last four years. The Legislature has done nothing to move forward on this much needed Audit. Will NH be last as usual? This time we must all unite and contact the LBA. Demand  an Audit. Our Children are NOT For Sale and we must put an end to the abuse of NH Families and our traumatized children!

Article submitted by Dorothy Knightly fully endorsed by Denise-Marie McIntosh please call and request a full audit. 

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