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Saturday, July 6, 2013

NH Judges Protecting their Own

Mothers and Father's, have had enough and we will do what we have to, to expose those that wrongly challenge our right to our children  - we don't stop until the truth is out and those responsible do their Jobs and or pay for the indiscretions... The McCann's after 6 years will never searching for their Madeline and we pray they find her. 


In the U.S. Children are legally kidnapped every day !
And parents, like Denise-Marie McIntosh, will never Stop fighting for the right to see her son, a right left to an abusive x-husband; by a system that is so corrupt it knows no bounds.  Tennessee knows that Child Protection workers like these  should go to jail for redacting records. In New Hampshire this Mother's unraveling of the truth, shows Child Protection Workers lie 66% of the time shown in Federal and State audits.  This unhappy Grandmother and 100's more in this state show one common thread;  NH Judges are Protecting their own and lining their pockets; their expenses, trips and cute cars are not matching up to their earnings, so where is that money coming from? 

It's not new, this survey by DeGrandpre shows it has been going on in the Judicial system since before 1993; in addition, to this type of fraud the State of New Hampshire was charge back 35 million in Medicaid fraud in 2011; by the Federal Government and that article by the Union Leader quotes  Toumpas said "This is not an issue related to blaming any one governor, any one commissioner. This is a systemic issue," .   

And he's right, it is a systemic issue one that involves not only him but plays out between DHHS in NH and the Judicial system and it's closed door hearings on parents and children's rights; what will the pay back be when they audit the federal money received in this State? Money received for Families and Child Services which the Division has spent "0" on? 

This Mother will not stop uncovering the truth, a Family Court system with no Mandatory right to appeal, closed door hearings in Children's matters -only affords and ensures un-accountability to the people they are suppose to serve. But screw with Mother's and their children and we will be relentless in our pursuit to find out why. 


Who are these players? It goes back to 1790. But we'll start with the year 2000, when former Chief Justice Brock, Justice Thayer resigned to avoid criminal charges, Justice Horton and Broderick were all up for impeachment by a 400 member house, but it only took the NH Senate (a senate that has been made through generations of the same families), 3 weeks to acquit them; now Broderick, Jr. almost impeached is rewarded as the Dean at UNH  Law School, no doubt teaching lawyers how to get around the law and allow women to be demeaned, which is what started the above. A divorce and Thayer's assigning it to his brethren to ensure she got nothing. 

Looking into these men's backgrounds you find Judges like Kinghorn, forever a marine.  You know the 'type' we all want to favor as a hero, but alas these masked hero's have their secrets and his is this; he had a child from a previous relationship, one he did not acknowledge "a girl". His son found out and has never forgiven him. Kinghorn apparently doesn't understand why their father/son relationship is strained? More recently in or about May of 2013 his wife demand he retire and go with to her for a month to amend the relationship and see their only grandchild or she would divorce him. Apparently he doesn't get it, he retired in 6/2013; but he'll be back in the Merrimack Ct. as soon as 8/2013 on a pre diem basis as a Judge;  so how could he possibly get the family matters he sits on? 

Aah, then there is the misogyny found in  Judge Bamberger, this twisted old rag, is on divorce number (4) four, and working on a newbie. The new one was only married once, apparently to the love of her life, cute, but not worldly in any way, she is now feeling swept away, by ooh a Judge. One who has yet to reveal his bad boy behavior to her, which might be articulated in this article; be careful Ms. #4 or 5 child care worker, you might end as wives 1 through 4...honey that in it self is the red flag...  

Let's move on, how about prison guards and even a chaplain? 30 woman in 2008 were sexually assaulted while in prison, here in NH; the settlement 1.9 million, really? Chaplin only got 2-10 years, but Tower the half way house supervisor got almost what he deserved: 

 "On November 18, 2008, Douglas Tower, 63, pleaded guilty to raping 3 women living at the Shea Farm halfway house in Concord; he told the women he would return them to prison or deny visits from their children unless they submitted to his sexual demands, by the time he pled guilty he was already serving 21 to 40 years for sexually assaulting two other residents at the halfway house. He received additional sentences of 10-20 years in the plea deal, which were suspended." Was there a Senator Kelly Ayotte in that plea deal? You bet, as AG from 2004-2009 she didn't care about your rights just moving ahead and oh she's related to the woman who married the man still trying to control his x-wife, another school teacher Lori Ayotte-Wilson-McIntosh and we can only hope the pig  Tower rots there. 

The Woman above and so many more afraid to talk because like the teacher Bill McIntosh's x-wife, they are and were afraid of having their children taken from and they suffered.  New Hampshire women are justified in their fears, hell non-fatal strangulation only became a felony in 2011; after a woman was killed and her family demanded it...  

and it is likely that NH Judges including the NH Supreme Ct. will continue to screw them over if not reined in.   Bamberger's to be expected - Napoleon complex, Kinghorn's  obvious temperament problems outside the courtroom; former commissioner of DHHS who made a 40 million dollar mistake, John Stephens yuk, there is something in the name, just google it. 

Will these women have the courage, and perhaps more importantly will they actually have a lawyer that can and "will" defend them? Unlikely, when the only Bar in town (actually the State) necessitates through the Supreme Ct. that to practice law you have to be a member, of the old boys network or your not playing here...  

Hardly, scratching the surface of some NH's manipulator's called men, they are not all bad; but Ladies, bear in mind the story Alice Hoffman relayed when she said; “The original fairy tale was about the youngest sister going into a room in the castle and finding all the bodies of the wives that came before her - she is confronted with truth, thinking about how often we think we know people and we really don't.”  

Keep asking Questions ... the truth is out there, help me reveal it all. 

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