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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Boston against ... Chick-fil-A ... Really

The Cows are coming ... or are they?

Having lived in Boston, Mass, grown up in Western Mass and now living in Nashua, NH; I am simply no longer surprised that a Boston Mayor is once again causing discord, because someone voiced their opinion. Mayor Menino is promoting discrimination; this time a Boston mayor is directing his personal discrimination at Christian Values, and the target for his own agenda is Chick-fil-A.

I have to wonder if Mayor Menino wrote the same letter to every registered voter, church and politician who did not vote for the same marriage bill in Massachusetts; should they all move out because they do not agree with those who voted for the Gay Marriage Bill.

Of course not, this is America, a unique place where we do not always agree on all the issues all of the time; and nationwide everyone does not support same sex marriage.  So what, each individual has a voice and a 1st amendment right to free speech.   

In America, if we are not inciting violence we have a right to free speech. However, in this case the manner that Mayor Menino is acting; borders on the behavior exhibited in Boston Ma. when it responded to the 1965 Racial Imbalance Act; by refusing to desegregate their school districts based on Race, Class and Ethnicity; it caused violence and that violence was directed at children based on race, ethnicity and religious bigotry.  The long History of Boston’s struggle with expanding freedom to anyone who is different, stretches back to before the Civil War when the rights of black Americans to full citizenship had been deferred up to the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and the voting rights act of 1965; it also discriminated against Irish immigrants, who are now the main stream in a city filled with diverse backgrounds.

Dan Cathy of Chick-fil-A did not disparage “Gays” he said he didn’t support same sex marriage based on the bible, something he believes in and which is value based.  As a company, that I personally had the distinct pleasure of working for, for several years; I personally know that whatever community Chick-fil-A is in, they support it in numerous ways that make it better for the youth found there.  In Nashua, NH          Chick-fil-A has supported the community through the Summerfun programs, schools, literacy, churches of many denominations, individuals, children’s accomplishments, visiting children that are sick and the HIV/AID’s task force.  Why? Because these organizations asked for Chick-fil-A’s help and/or the operators and/or unit marketing directors sought to be involved with their community.  The company’s owners believe that marriage is between a man and a woman; but they never discriminate and they do have a policy of treating everyone with respect and dignity and passing those values along to the youth and team members that work for them.   

Moral dilemmas face us every day; Chick-fil-A is not one of those dilemmas, what you will find in every Chick-fil-A is consistency and generosity.  A team striving to be “America's Best Quick-Service Restaurant” because through the chain of command they believe in each individual to reach their potential and reward their team members with college scholarships for exhibiting leadership qualities and to date has awarded over $30 million in scholarships. This is not something you see with every fast food chain or small business.

If you want quality food at a great value, polite service and speed in getting your order; you will find all of that and more at Chick-fil-A everyday except Sunday; because Sunday’s across the country they are closed to allow their employees time with their families.  

Now, I just can’t wait to go and get that original Chicken sandwich also healthier than the competition with a homespun milkshake;  oh and that cute cow ... you won't know what your missing until you try it!

Still a Fan!

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