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Monday, July 30, 2012

The Quest for Fairy Tales

              It’s a Quest for Fairy Tales ...

It's official, a local TV show that  unravels fairy tales happening all around you right now, rather than once upon a time! 

Our official winners on FaceBook  had some great ideas for names, but they had even better ideas for guests! 

Fairy Tale Access Rather than once upon a time, we are going to prove that Fairy Tales do exist in actual time, and unravel them by introducing our audience to all of those people who make great things happen and those who have experienced great things because of it, as well as interview our usual array of fairy tale characters...stay tuned...more details are developing who would you like to see?
The head fairy is going to introduce you to all the people, young and old and all the businesses and children that inspire "The Nashua, NH Fairy Tale Festival" to be as special as it is.

The Head Fairy's Quest is on, will we succeed? Of course, just believe ... in fairy tales it's never to late to start! 

ps. it's a green screen, so polka dots, stripes, busy patterns, red, green and white do not work well with that technology, just thought you should know ahead; in case you decide to be our guest.

See you soon; the Head Fairy

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