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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fairy Tales - Around the World - 180 minutes - Fighting Dragons where...? click here for sneak preview

Seriously, it's all at the Fairy Tale Festival on 7/21/12 a Saturday, from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, at Greeley Park, 100 Concord St., Nashua, NH 03064

Nothing is more exciting than your own Fairy Tale! And, I am so excited to share the newest news with you outlining this years event!

This year our adventure will begin on Concord Street, Nashua, NH, of course we always do! But this year we are off to great "places".......

I started sharing our story, mine and yours and exploring where our tour was off to!  And then a couple of friends joined in and we gave some pretty good insights, to our newest friends at Access Nashua, at Gate City Chronicles on 6/19/12; when we discussed our grand adventures to be and the sights we are off to see ... with what has to be the Coolest State Representative in NH (we have 400 so that's actually saying something) and of course it was our Host Kevin Avard and you check it out here: # 27

And then today, with only with only 9 days and 11 and 1/2  hours left until we are about to leave Nashua, NH to go around the world in exactly 180 minutes... What? I heard that!  Can we do it? Of course we can, we're leaving by ... magic of course! Is there any other way to travel???

Ok, so back to, well today, "we" met our old friend and avid fan of the Fairy Tale Festival, Nashua's Alderman at large, Mark Cookson, on the Nashua Hour and his just adorable daughter almost 4, is getting ready to start performing in our show soon...

Today with EMMARIE and Natalie Sanford

This is what happen our 4th year volunteer the sweet and versatile Natalie Sandford came out and sang 1000 miles; you may remember her from past events as Bat Girl, Joan of Arc and/or Tiger Lily this year she will be volunteering with 7 Generations who has some huge surprises in store. Like I said; "she is versatile and a very good singer", I might add.

And the vivacious EMMARIE, joined us with some exciting news; this is her 2nd appearance is the Fairy Tale Festival, when you meet her again - you may remember her from performing in the past with Drama Kids and those crazy cows with Chick-fil-A, you know the ones with some spelling issues, but they are very clear they want you to eat more chicken! Let's just say the inside scoop there is - they are try to save their own hides and they are really good at it. Ok, so I'm rambling and I got a bit side track those cows are so cute. I get it. You want the biggest scoop in the prelude to the Fairy Tale Festival and here it is...

The New Single from EMMARIE is officially for your ears only...come to the Fairy Tale Festival to see her perform "Fighting Dragons" live, as her first stop, on her first tour, to promote her first single! It's Official, it's a first and we will be the first stop on her tour and you could be the first winner of an Official Copy, first, before it goes on sale

So come out, join in the quest - listen, read, ask questions the discovery's are endless!

And you can listen to the whole show live here sometime in the meantime with the Nashua Hour

Do you see the recurring theme, here? You want to be in Nashua, NH 03064 on July 21, 2012 at 10 AM Greeley to share in EMMARIE's release of her first single "Fighting Dragons" and enter the raffle to win copies of her new single before it goes live.  The Actor's, Singer's and Dancer's you'll meet are second to well...absolutely no one and they are all the most amazing people and they will spur your imagination and make you sing and dance ...

This remarkable and outstanding show could not be accomplished without all of the help from our sponsors who can be found here:  ps. this is your passport to adventure 2012

Making Dreams into Reality ...the Head Fairy aka Denise-Marie McIntosh

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